The best shower cam sites in the Netherlands 2021

How does online shower cam work?

Our opinion

In general, two different types of online shower cam exist. For example, every online shower cam site has a file with all their registered members. Most platforms try to make it available to all registered members. Using a search function, they can browse the profiles of the file to look for potential partners. Certain search filters can be applied, such as age and area. If too many filters are used, the results can be sparse.

Most users prefer to be matched as the suggestions often work out better!

This form is often used on personals or sex dating platforms. Things are quite different with serious dating sites. You do not have to manually browse through the entire file for a potential partner. On the contrary, you are matched, which is verified by a personality test. The tests are quite different from each other. Some portals have 30 questions, the others 300. After completing each test, the answers are analyzed and compared with the other results in the file. You will then receive suitable partner proposals that you can approach on your own initiative. The partner proposals are constantly being renewed.


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Choose your dating site and compare!