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In one way or another, everyone has heard of this portal. And no wonder, since it was one of the first dating dating sites since the inception of online shower cam! Since 2003, Spaceship has brought singles together and all of this with great success. In the Netherlands there are around 700,000 users .

Even after so much time in the market, singles still wonder if Spaceship is any good. Based on our many years of experience and regular testing, we can say that the portal is still one of the best in its category. However, Spaceship is much more active in neighboring countries. In the Netherlands, our test winner challenger is more in the foreground. Visit our in-depth description for more information about Spaceship. If you don't want to read everything, click on a subtitle of interest and go directly to this section:

  1. This is our Spaceship experience
  2. Spaceship review: What's good?
  3. Spaceship review: What's wrong?
  4. This was the Spaceship experience of female testers.
  5. This was the Spaceship experience for men.

This is our Spaceship experience

When we decided to test the portal thoroughly, we asked both men and women to create a profile on the portal. The different opinions of both sexes was not the only interesting fact; the similarities they had was also very interesting.

Since this is our daily work, we have already seen a few portals where we were happy to leave them again. However, our experiences with Spaceship were very positive. We can now determine the following:

Spaceship review: What's good?

Most users have positive experiences with Spaceship. "I'm so happy now", "It's really simple", "Why haven't I used it before?" are the standard texts that our editors receive in their e-mails. Almost all users have no problems with registration, the personality test (this is the first professional test that determines who is right for you) and connecting with other singles at Spaceship.

Success rate 38%

In addition, a German university determined in 2013 that Spaceship relationships last at least a year in 9 out of 10 cases.

According to our Spaceship review, we can determine that some patience is required. So make sure to connect with your partner proposals! Many members have written to us that according to their estimates, it takes a while for the right person to show up. Register, take a picture and then meet each other the next day; that is not how it works in most cases ...

Spaceship review: What's wrong?

Negative Spaceship experiences are really very limited. We get a lot more critical feedback from other providers, mainly about membership prices, cancellation models, etc. Spaceship is fair.

When faced with criticism, consider the following:

Even those who don't have a premium membership can reply to messages.

Sometimes as a premium member you think the following: "I pay, I write emails, but not everyone is allowed to answer me, that's stupid."

We understand this very well. But the fact is: This is actually not the case, except that most Spaceship members don't know about it!

A non- premium member has the option to respond to a contact request from a premium member! But this only works if at least one of them is a premium member ...

Preferably, Spaceship would eventually want to introduce you to singles who haven't paid. Probably your message can persuade others to pay and get more paying members this way ...

In this case, all customers would be quite disappointed if 95 out of 100 messages disappeared into thin air. That's something Spaceship cannot afford. Therefore, paying members are usually introduced to other paying members.

What is this about our experience? We think it is about 60%.

This was the Spaceship experience of our female testers.

The women were very impressed with the comprehensive personality test. Not only does it contain 80 questions, but it also covers various themes. For example, there were points where you started to consider yourself. Are you a shy person or are you open to other people? Or do you need more photos to make a decision.

During our Spaceship review we found out that the ladies who registered via the computer found this more pleasant. Finally, you need an hour for the test where you have to take the time to think. The ladies felt comfortable in the internal members area. The first profile with the highest match points was clicked and found impressive.

These are the Spaceship experiences of the gentlemen ...

Like the ladies, the men also registered via the computer. A few of them even tried to complete the personality test via the app, but soon discovered that this meant they had to give up a lot more time.

Most of the experiences of the gentlemen have arisen through the use of the Spaceship app. Many found using the computer pleasant, because you can reply to the messages much better here. However, a few found it much easier to read the latest posts on the go.


You can see that Spaceship goes to the trouble of making sure everything is treated fairly. We searched for questions and found all the answers on this topic. For emergencies, there is always customer service in case you have absolutely no idea. Just try it out and form your own opinion. As you already know, it is free to look around


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