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Blind date - but for sure!
The most important tips for safety on the first date

Looking for a relationship on the internet has many advantages: independent of time and space, singles all over the world can get to know each other - much more efficiently than in the disco!

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But beware: liars and cheaters can be found everywhere, but in the anonymity of the net, singles, who turn red when they lie, can keep their house unhindered ... no one sees it. That is why you should also consider what could happen to unpleasantness on a date with someone who met you on an Internet and how to protect yourself from it!

One thing we have to say in all clarity;
the trend is towards really fast first phone calls and meeting!

A few years ago it was common to exchange emails for months before it came to a first blind date. This led to high expectations and often disappointments.

Today, many singles have some experience with online dating and are less cramped for their 5th blind date than their premiere. Second, they found that while getting to know the Internet is practical, it does not help to discover the "Chemistry" between two people ...

But even though things have become looser and faster than in the prehistoric times of internet dating, one must not forget that one hardly knows the other at the first meeting (even if he already seems to seem so familiar) and with that a certain potential for danger is present.

We don't want to cause panic here. In "normal" life you simply act according to your gut feeling, so as not to become the "victim" of "villains". Everyone knows and follows banal rules such as:

  • Do not get in the car with strangers!
  • Don't go home with strangers thoughtlessly!
  • Always bring your mobile phone!

These rules will take you a long way when you get to your first encounter with the new internet flame. In addition, we have set out here the basic safety mechanisms for the clever online dater, or the smart online daterin, with which you can recognize liars from afar - before a first rendezvous in real life comes to a major disappointment or worse. ..

Blind date - but sure
1. For the blind date

Most important rule: never be too trusting!

Even if you have the feeling that you have found the right one, a healthy dose of mistrust cannot harm you.

Also pay attention to strange behaviors or statements that contradict each other and cut off contact if you instinctively tell you!

Second most important rule: give yourself time!

You can assume that paljassen will quickly lose interest in you, if they realize that you are not in a hurry, but want to develop the new acquaintance in peace.

The anonymity of singles on the internet is the most important certainty. In any case, protect your anonymity, so that you never reveal your last name, address or telephone number in the first contact. In addition, be careful not to disclose any personal information to anyone who is pressuring you!

Third, be vigilant!

Please do not see a danger in every new knowledge, but be aware that black sheep exist. If you get the feeling that you are dealing with such a person, chase him away, onto the Mokerhei ... there are plenty of white sheep!

Fourth: phone for meeting!

When a contact turns out to be promising, reach for the phone! In this way, you can get an even more comprehensive picture of the new flirt and determine how confident you find the voice.

Blind date - but sure
2. During the Blind date

First, instinct instead of politeness!

Never shy away from backing out at the last minute if you have a "weird gut feeling"!

Second, choose a neutral spot with a back door!

The first meeting must take place in a neutral, public place of your (!) Choice. There you will feel good and safe and besides you know where the toilets and also the back door are ... Please have no qualms about sneaking out if the date becomes unpleasant or even nasty for you.

Thirdly; hire a "guardian angel"!

Indicate your friends and inform them of all the facts related to the first date. It is especially popular among women that the girlfriend calls on the mobile phone once during the date; code sentences are usually agreed in advance, for example:

  • "No, we were going to go swimming on Wednesday." Means, "This type is awful, please come by by accident and join us!"
  • "Yes, we can go jogging tomorrow." Means, "Nice type, I'll call you tonight!"

You have complete freedom to build on a system for your safety on this model.

You can encounter liars and cheaters on the internet just as well as in normal life. You just have to be more watchful and smarter than them, and nothing will happen to you.

Good luck on the next date!


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