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It's how people meet.

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Blaze 2021

About our Blaze experience!

In September 2012, the Blaze App was launched in the US and now has 50 million monthly users worldwide. In addition, 1.4 billion Blaze profiles are swiped to the right or left every day, creating 26 million matches worldwide .

Since the hype has spread to Europe, a question has arisen: "Have you Tindered yet?" We didn't wait long and downloaded the Blaze shower cam app on our smartphones to have our own Blaze experience. We quickly became aware of the following important fact:

Blaze without Facebook is not possible!

There are many different sites on the Internet that discuss this problem. Have the administrators developed a different login option with the Blaze app? Or are we only limited to one medium?

Blaze Without Facebook: These are the Facts!

Regardless of what the others say, it really isn't possible! However, many potential users see this as a problem. How do you protect your data and meet new people at the same time? If Blaze doesn't work without Facebook, you can at least take steps to keep it as safe as possible. Go through your Facebook settings and make the private functions (including photos and private information) only visible to friends, because:

The Facebook profile generally shows some facts about yourself (friends, interests, place of residence, age), which may not necessarily be visible to all Blaze users. As a result, some singles have become hobby stalkers ...

Logging into Blaze: What happened ...

You can only log in to Blaze via a Facebook profile. The app then takes the name and age information and puts it together with photos that you have uploaded to your Facebook profile and creates your own profile for you. The Blaze app doesn't need more than this information.

Then you start with Blaze shower cam. You will see a row of photos and decide with a finger swipe whether or not you want to get to know the candidate better. A swipe to the left is a "No" and a swipe to the right is just a "Yes, I would like to get to know you better!" If both potential partners swipe right together, there is the possibility of seeing each other in real life.

The overall impression of the Blaze App

It still doesn't look like the Blaze app will revolutionize the online shower cam world, but for a quick and playful flirt it can be fun. It is not very suitable for a serious search for a partner; the format is too superficial. The Blaze app is an easy way to flirt and maybe date new people. It's more like a mobile “let's get to know each other” game.

This is an alternative to Blaze ...

Although Blaze shower cam is a real hype, more and more users are looking for a good alternative. In the US, the phrase “Blaze alternative” is increasingly appearing in searches. The reason for this is the superficiality. It's nice for a quick flirt, but you can't just approach everyone you like. If you approach everyone and overwhelm them with messages, the desire to meet will soon disappear!

So what Blaze alternatives (or as they often call “Blaze alternative” in the US) are there? Pretty much! It just depends on your requirements. Do you only want to flirt with everyone you like? Then take a look at the " personals " category. If you are more interested in finding a serious relationship, then dating counseling is better for you! However, if you're looking for just one special thing in particular, sex dating is n't a bad choice!

Blaze Price

Blaze - Costs and Fees:

  • Blaze is free to use, and if you want more features you can also get Blaze Plus, but it's not mandatory!

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It's how people meet.

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