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In addition to our test winners, we have found several further recommended personals portals that are relevant in the Netherlands and that enable a real chance of successful flirts.

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General impression: 3

Flirt contacts

Flirting, dating and much more

Flirtcontacten is just what it sounds like; a place for singles to flirt with! Although it is primarily a sex dating site, it is not the only topic you can search here. With about 4,000,000 members , it can be a lot of fun to flirt with different people and then see how things turn out. In short, there is an interesting mix of anything and everything here.

So all in all, this dating site is aimed at having a lot of fun, which you don't necessarily have to be serious about! With a variety of features such as the "Sexy Slot Machine", you will find that it sometimes operates like a game and it can have an interesting outcome.


  • Signing up, creating a profile and uploading photos are all free (including adding people to your “favorites” list).
  • If you want to communicate without restrictions and want to use more functions, then it is necessary to take out a membership from 29.90 euros per month.
Short review Flirt contacts

General impression: 4


shower cam for the higher educated

Match4Me is aimed at singles with a certain level of education to give them the opportunity to meet each other and to build a lasting relationship. The male / female ratio here is also quite good with 47% male members and 53% female members. In general, about 100,000 members can be found on this site.

Although you will receive a match list based on how well and thoroughly you have completed your profile, it is also possible to search for members yourself. So there is something for everyone and some people would indeed rather take action themselves and not always depend on the contact suggestions!


  • You can do many things for free: set up a profile, upload photos and see who is online.
  • If you want to communicate without restrictions, prices start from $ 7.95 per month.
Short review Match4Me

General impression: 3.5

With you

Meet your Match on MetJou!

MetJou.en is a very simple dating site with the aim of helping singles in the Netherlands to meet like-minded people. While many on this platform are looking for a date or even a relationship, it is also possible to make new friendships. With more than 2,000,000 registered members on the site, and 180 members connecting every day, you tend to start great conversations and meet new people.

So whether it's for a relationship, a new friendship or something else, at MetJou you can take the direction that appeals to you the most! But don't forget; if you communicate openly and directly, you will go very far!


  • Signing up, creating a profile and uploading a photo are all free.
  • To communicate and to use the better search options as a VIP member, the membership starts from $ 11.99 per month.
Short review Metjou

General impression: 4.5


Also find your great love on Pepper

Dating site Pepper.en is a special site, since the profiles here do not consist of an ordinary wall with texts. Instead, you create a kind of “collage”. Founded in 2011, it won the 2013 Thuiswinkel Awards for Best Dating Site. With more than 10,000 members and growing, this is a fun and interesting way to get to know new people and hopefully meet them!

Thanks to Pepper's uniqueness, you probably won't wait long to meet someone. Get involved in the concept and post photos that show what your life is about. This will only help you attract the right person!


  • Creating a profile, uploading photos and searching for other members are all free.
  • To become a “Full Member” and to communicate, membership starts from $ 8.50 per month.
Short review Pepper

General impression: 3


Fast, fun and reliable dating

It can sometimes be difficult to get to know people for shower cam or even for a relationship and for this reason Datingeasy.nl exists. They aim to help singles meet and get to know each other on a deeper level. With more than 2,000,000 members , the chances are very high to make all this come true. According to the homepage (on average) 180 singles register daily.

Datingeasy's function is to just get to know people and see how things will progress. There is a lot of free play, but as long as you stay polite and active, the singles here can be very open about many different things!


  • Registering with Datingeasy costs nothing and you can also create a profile for free.
  • For unlimited communication, membership prices start from $ 11.99 per month.
Short review Datingeasy

General impression: 4

New relationship

find your new relationship with us

If you're over 40 and wondering where all the Only people are, there's a new way to meet them. With approximately 72,000 users , who have already registered, newrelationship offers you a chance to meet people your own age. If you don't know exactly what you want, don't worry. Most people here are open to different possibilities.

All you need to do is take a look at the Photo Wall to see what options are available! This is a good way to get a quick overview of at least the visual aspects of many singles and to understand which members to contact, which we highly recommend doing.


  • Signing up, creating a profile and uploading a photo are all free (you can even upload some photos).
  • For unlimited communication, membership starts from $ 7.50 per month.
Short review New relationship

General impression: 4


Register for free and meet singles in your area

The old GayScout. And has now been transformed and turned into LoveScout24. This smooth new portal attracts about 500 new users per day in the Netherlands and has more than 35,000,000 members since its inception. The majority of them would like to chat, flirt and maybe date too.

You are not forced into anything here; you just sign up and decide what you want to do, who you want to talk to and whether or not you want to meet. At Love Scout you make the decisions and decide when it is time to meet that special someone.


  • You can register for free and fill in your profile. You can also search for singles for free.
  • In order to communicate actively, the prices of a membership start from $ 9.99 / month.
Short review Lovescout24

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