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If you had always wanted to know how See works in the Netherlands and whether it is worth setting up an account, we wrote this article about See review. Below we will share our experience with this portal with you. This is the best way to inform yourself about this service in advance and then determine if you want to give See a chance.

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See review: What we experienced!

After registration you will immediately enter the internal member area. There are a lot of things to do, but beware! You must first fill in your profile otherwise you may not use some functions, such as the Flirt Carousel.

Besides the standard search function and "Online Now" function, the Flirt Carousel is one of the nicest functions. During our See review, we found out time and again that as a free member you only have limited access to this feature. You can spin it a total of 40 times. But that's not bad for the beginning. The Flirt Carousel works like Blaze. You browse or click through the pictures of other See members asking "Would you like to meet her / him?" and you can choose “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” as the answer.

Anyone who tries it out will certainly benefit from this shower cam portal game and will quickly connect with other members. Browsing through the profiles will give you 'eye blinks' and eventually a chat will even pop up using the Flirt Carousel.

What was the experience of men and women

When we test a portal, we send both male and female users for the test. The reason for this is that each gender has different ideas of what are good and bad functions. So what did our testers observe?

The experience of women:

During our See review, most of the ladies were happy that they had to fill in their profile. This means that there will be fewer empty profiles in the database. But sometimes the women looked around for new profiles, leading many to discover the SmartDate. This will randomly match you with other users. For this you also have to answer four questions about search behavior. Then it all starts. If a suitable candidate appears, there is a match.

The experience of men

The men's review of See was a bit different. Most men were interested in finding new contacts quickly. In this case, the Flirt Carrousel came in very handy. An interesting bonus here was the fact that one can earn extra coins that you would otherwise have had to buy. However, this can only be achieved if you favorite a person and it cannot happen with every contact. So you can earn different coins daily. With the help of the coins you can put your profile in the spotlight or receive even more Carrousel suggestions.

The negative experiences

If there are complaints, then there is little difference between the sexes in this respect. Although they got a lot of messages from different members, at times it felt a bit empty. To be completely fair, it was completely quiet on See. Only in the evenings did it fill up with members again and you could chat with them. Whether or not this is a disadvantage is something you have to determine yourself. Apart from our See review, most singles on all portals are usually online in the evening or at night.

See review: suitable for the Netherlands?

See is an American shower cam site, but is it also worth using in the Netherlands? In our test, we counted about 150,000 new members per year. Our review shows that at See you can not only search in your own region, but also try your luck internationally. Don't be shy about trying it out. Finally, you can look around for free.


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