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Our opinion

Relatieplanet sounds very familiar to many in the Netherlands. Which is no wonder, given that the portal is one of the country's leading and most popular dating sites. Of course, over the years we have also received some experience reports from users, which we have taken a closer look at. We have summarized both these reports and our experiences with Relatieplanet for you. Using our small table of contents, you can quickly jump to the topic that interests you. If this isn't for you, you can also take a look at our other test winners like See .

  1. This is our experience with Relatieplanet
  2. The experiences of our testers
  3. Are there any negative reviews?
  4. Conclusion

Relation Planet Experience: What We Know

We think the site is very cool inside and out. Not only is it visually fantastic, but you can register quickly without encountering any problem. Then you can simply fill in your own profile or take a small tour of the portal. You can also look much more thoroughly at the profiles of each member or use the search function to find out if there is a suitable group in your area. Only you cannot immediately use the “flirt” function; you must first complete your profile completely.

There is a “profile score” at Relatieplanet. You can find this on the Home page right under your profile name. Each profile must have a score of 50 to take advantage of this feature. Actually very well thought out. This is why you will not find empty profiles in the flirt carousel! We have several years of experience with Relatieplanet and we can claim to date that you sometimes encounter the most detailed profiles here. You also need to take the time to do this. This should not be something superficial, but something that you are willing to put in half an hour of your evening. After all, you will not only be asked for some basic information, but you will also be encouraged to write short texts about different aspects of your life. Only then can you use the carousel function.

However, as a free member you do not have access to all functions. Viewing the profiles on Relatieplanet is free, as is adding members to the favorites list and using the “flirt” function. Only in the case of a paid membership can you write other users.

What our testers think!

When we test a shower cam site, it includes both male and female testers. They report their own experiences. In general, each gender has a different opinion of the site, which means they may or may not like different elements. In short, this only works in your favor as you gain an insight into the experiences of other users. You can then decide whether or not a visit to the site is worth it.

This is the experience of women with Relatieplanet

They were not only impressed by the fast registration, but also by the quality of the profiles. It does take some time to complete a profile, but that does not deter many members. After browsing some pages, there was hardly a profile that did not have a detailed description and a good profile picture. So one can study a profile thoroughly and get to know something about the person. In case the ladies found a user attractive, they also messaged him. According to the experience of women, Relatieplanet was over the top! Basically, they already had enough information about someone before they started flirting. The many events were also excellent. While there wasn't always something to like, the selection of events was fine!

The experience of the gentlemen with Relatieplanet ...

… In this case we had no noticeable negative points. However, the gentlemen had a different impression from the ladies. The men were of course also very impressed with the quality of the profiles. According to the experience of men, it was not believed that there were countless fakes hanging around on Relatieplanet.

The men found the “flirt” function much more interesting. Random profiles of women were presented here. If you like one, you can take a closer look at their profile. If not, just continue. Not all men agreed on the matching position. Some thought it was enough to be matched through the profile data. The others preferred multiple options for this position.

Were there any negative opinions?

Frankly, there were a few comments. We can almost say we saw it as a high level complaint. Some male and female testers found it unclear why the portal offers a photo and style service, although it was not functioning at the time. This can sometimes happen, but plenty of alternatives were also listed.

In the experience of many users, the match function of Relatieplanet was too superficial. It was enough to display a contact suggestion based on someone's profile. Many contact suggestions were wrong, so a few testers felt the need for a more thorough search algorithm.


Overall, we were very satisfied with the site and our experience with Relatieplanet was not the worst. While the features are often more advanced on other portals, the site was not boring. If it's something for you, you can just try it out. It's free at the beginning.


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