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At this point, we have received a lot of Alexis. And member experiences to our editorial team, which are being evaluated by us. So now we would like to report on the positive, but also negative experiences and opinions of the users of this portal. If this doesn't interest you so much, you can go straight to our test winner and start comparing the facts.

  1. Positive user opinions
  2. What the users don't like
  3. Alexis experience: Men and women
  4. Our tip for 2021

The positive user experiences!

Thanks to the countless letters, we were able to determine the general mood of many users. The following points were the most prominent.

  • Many members are happy to report that there is always something happening in the "chat" section and they are especially happy that the technology can withstand this pressure.
  • Members who chose additional features were always impressed by how useful these features proved to be.

So, it already sounds good! And according to our experience (Alexis) it is one of the largest shower cam sites in Europe for a reason. However, the site has also received some criticism. We have also summarized and commented on these points.

The negative Alexis experience

  • Some singles have obviously had a different experience with Alexis. This happens all the time. In most cases, bad experiences have to do with other users. If a user does not behave well and insults you, then we have a tip: on the profile page you will find a button with which you can activate the “moderator”. You can also find this button in messenger.
  • Every now and then, some people complain after just three weeks that they “haven't found anyone”. Our experience tip: Sometimes it helps to pay more attention to your profile on Alexis if you are not successful after some time. New photos, a more structured and concise profile text or even better answered messages to other singles can speed up the process of finding a partner.
  • Many non-paying members complain about the annoying advertisements on the portal. Of course we agree. However, how else should the provider pay for its services? Alexis gives its base members a lot more free communication options than its competitors. Therefore, you can probably look forward to the fact that when you become a premium member, no more ads will appear.

Alexis experience of women

Every time we thoroughly research a portal, we not only look at the criticism of the users, but also send our team to test it out. Thus we obtained experiences from both men and women. Each gender almost always has a different experience. Here's what the women thought about Alexis:

  • Women feel more safe while using it. That is why the high safety standards are appreciated.
  • At online shower cam, as in real life, most women have a lot of negative experiences with ardent admirers. Therefore, the Block function was found to be very useful.
  • Without exception, many female Alexis members are talking excitedly about their experience with the new contact filters. When it is determined who exactly is allowed to write to you, the inbox is much cleaner and you can work on connecting with suitable potential partners.

This is the Alexis experience for men:

  • The men were also impressed by the safety standards. They felt they encountered far fewer fakes than on other portals. This allowed them to flirt much more relaxed.
  • Our gentlemen were also impressed by the Shuffle function. Instead of endlessly scrolling through the lists of singles, you can view and rate any profile. You indicate whether or not you would like to date a person.
  • When they wrote civilized, men also got enough responses from female users.

Alexis experience: Both men and women report the same negative experiences

We were amazed! While the perspectives were different, the negative experiences of both sexes were the same:

  • Most often, both men and women complained about having to pay for a premium membership. However, this can be seen as a positive. If everything were free, people would encounter a lot of scum here. Many singles without any commitment would sign up just because they can. Then there would be countless inactive accounts hanging around in the database ... Who wants that? No one.
  • Members are increasingly complaining about the first contact. Yes, men complain too! Most posts come across as boring, unenthusiastic, arrogant, or vulgar. That is an experience that unfortunately also takes place in real life. Such cases also happen in clubs. It's something a portal like Alexis can't do about it.

Our tip for your Alexis experience 2021:

We at Online shower cam. And have many years of experience with Alexis and can recommend it. Obviously it is a good idea to gain your own experience. With a basic membership you can try almost everything for free. If you wish, you can also send us your own personal experience with Alexis. We look forward to your message!


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