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What you need to know about Alexis login!

Alexis. And

Alexis. And


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It is always interesting to know what the users are looking for and what their actions are like. During our research, we found that most users are a bit lazy and skip a few steps by avoiding a few clicks. This also applies in this case. Placing a few keywords in a search engine will show matching results. However, there are a few people who do have trouble logging in to Alexis. The same also happens with other sites such as See .

So how do I log in to Alexis?

It is very simple. When you go to the first page of Alexis, all you have to do is click "All member?" to click. Most users completely overlook this field, which is not surprising!

Here you will find the field where you can log in to Alexis

The real registration field appears to be ubiquitous. So, so to speak, many users sign up as new members over and over again.

If you have already signed in to Alexis as a user, ignore the field in the middle. Just click on the above-mentioned spot at the top right. You will then be taken to a new page and it will be displayed in the middle of the screen. Then enter your e-mail address and password. Then click on “sign up” and you will appear in the members area. If you don't want to log in to Alexis all the time, you can choose to always stay logged in. Check the box “save my data”. During your next visit you will immediately enter the members area.

Forgot my password. What now?

There is also a solution for this! It can happen to anyone. In the hustle and bustle of everything you sometimes forget your password.

With a few clicks you will receive a new password

This makes logging in to Alexis impossible. You can of course request a new password. At the login window, click on “forgot password?”. Then enter your e-mail address and you will receive a link. When you confirm this, a separate page of Alexis.nl will appear. There you can generate a new password.

So you can already see that logging into Alexis is not a difficult topic. We wish you a lot of fun and success using Alexis.


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