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In addition to our test winners, we have found several further recommended sex dating sites that are relevant in the Netherlands and that enable a real chance of successful flirts.

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General impression: 3.5


Adultmatch.en is more than just a sex dating site. It also functions as a naughty whole for singles and couples alike who want to play and experiment with their sexuality. With more than 400,000 members , there is much more to look for than simple sex dates or one night stands. You can join discussions on various topics here or even shop in the online store.

While it may seem a bit chaotic at first glance, the site is getting many additions and has a very diverse membership base. In addition to singles, there are also plenty of couples (of open relationships, marriage, etc.) who may be looking for a third or fourth party ...


  • Registering with AdultMatch is completely free and you can put a photo on your profile.
  • A full communication membership starts from $ 4.75 per month.
Short review Adultmatch

General impression: 3.5

Dream Match

DreamMatch. And has the dream of creating a community for singles, shower cam and discovering new opportunities. Couples are also welcome to register here and to see how things are going. At the moment 10,000 members are registered and this number is slowly growing. The site is a bit bare.

In general, the users on Dreammatch.en can be open in their preferences and intentions. Some prefer a sensual experience, while others would like to meet someone and then see how things turn out. In short, there are many possibilities!


  • Registration and setting up a profile are free.
  • At the moment all functions are completely free.
Short review Dream Match

General impression: 3.5

Naughty dating

the naughty dating site for 18 plus

Naughty Dating. And has a strong focus on sex dating and erotic adventures. 770,000 registered members here are looking for one night stands and other erotic experiences to meet their needs. While the features on the site are quite simple, the singles here are open-minded and some are also looking for a slipper, which is why not everyone is Only here!

So with Naughty Dating, one can enjoy a huge mix of options. It's all up to the members to browse the profiles and find singles who can offer what you want. With the number of people on this platform, it won't be difficult to find someone for a one night stand (or more!).


  • Signing up, creating a profile and uploading a photo are all free.
  • If you want to view extra photos and communicate unlimited, a VIP membership starts from $ 11.99 per month.
Short review Naughty dating

General impression: 3


A sex dating site for singles who want to experience an erotic adventure; at Qupid. and you will find more than 180,000 members . You will not only find Only people who are looking for something exciting, but also many couples want to experiment and try new things on this platform, which can also be very exciting.

What is also very interesting is that Qupid has a very unusual male / female ratio. Namely, 61% of the members are women and 39% of the members are men. This is not normally the case with many other platforms, especially those who focus on organizing a sex contact!


  • You can create a profile and browse the site for free. You can also get promotional credits to start talking to other singles.
  • If you want to communicate unlimited, it is necessary to buy credits, which start from $ 10.00 / 10 credits.
Short review Qupid

General impression: 3


the dating site for regional sex contacts

Regiosexcontact is meant to ensure that singles (and people with a partner ...) have the opportunity to quickly and easily find a sex contact in their immediate environment instead of somewhere far from their location. Many of the 700,000 members are spread all over the country and so there is a lot of variety to be found for those who want to experience different types of erotic adventures.

Expectations vary greatly from person to person; some want a one night stand and others a long term sex relationship. One thing we definitely recommend is to be very clear and precise in your profile descriptions so that other members understand what you want!


  • At Regiosexcontact you can create a profile for free, view photos and profiles of other members and discover new members.
  • To be able to communicate and to get a new sex act, membership starts from $ 11.99 per month.
Short review RegioSexContact

General impression: 3

Adult shower cam

The adult personals site

Adult shower cam is a sex dating site for the Netherlands and Belgium. It is aimed at all types of erotic and “adult” encounters, be it for one night stands, regular sex dates or some kind of long-term casual relationship. The portal currently has 500,000 members .

Finding people is easy. You can use the quick search to browse different profiles and let other singles know you're interested in what you're seeing. There are many possibilities to find a great sex contact here.


  • Registering and sending your first few messages are all free.
  • If you want to communicate unlimited and have the advanced search functions, prices start from $ 9.95 / month.
Short review Adult shower cam

General impression: 3

sf.shower cam

Meet Passion

Sf.shower cam (stands for SecretFlirt) is a platform targeting singles and those with a partner who are looking for some thrills. Whether it's an affair, a secret romance or just a new adventure, it's all available here! The portal is somewhat unusual, since you cannot immediately view profile photos. But you can ask members to disclose them if they wish. Currently there are around 8,000 users in the Netherlands.

Secret Flirt is not for a quick sex date or flirt; this is about making contacts with other people at various levels. So the purpose here is much more subtle. While it may seem a bit sketchy, it can be the start of an exciting adventure.


  • Registering and sending a few messages to other members is free.
  • If you register as a TopMember, you can communicate without restriction. Membership starts from $ 11.70 / month.
Short review sf.shower cam

General impression: 3

Sex partner and

Only the lusts!

At Sexpartner.en there are around 7,000 members looking for an evening full of passion. Erotic encounters, sex contact and general one night stands are the main goal of this platform. A significant portion of the user base is also looking for a long-term sex relationship, but not one that involves emotions!

A particularly notable feature of this site is that the members are very explicit about what they want (position, wild / soft, etc.). It is also highly recommended to be careful where exactly you log into the site ... There are a lot of explicit photos to be found here!


  • Register for free and create a profile. You can also take a look at the photos of the other members.
  • To be able to communicate unlimitedly and to send flirts to other users, it is necessary to pay. This is generally done through a credit system starting from $ 125/830 credits.
Short review Sexpartner.en

General impression: 3

Passion date

Are you looking for a nice date?

Passiedate.com is a fairly straightforward dating site, aimed at finding singles in your area. So there is probably less chance that you will be approached by people who live one continent away. You can also start messaging other members right away as soon as you sign up, which is a big plus! During our review we found out that 200 members are registered .

In general, the dating site looks a bit bare ... at least for now. This is more of a case to follow how it develops and to see if it works! In any case, it's worth it to sign up and see how things go.


  • Signing up, sending messages and using the site is free for everyone.
  • If you want to use the extra functions, such as viewing photos, you can buy credits from $ 20.00 / 100 credits.
Short review Passionate

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