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district swinger

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Swinging is very popular in the Netherlands, which is proven by the presence of districtswinger.nl. The platform is quite large with around 700,000 members and an average of 350 new members who sign up every day. Plus, it's not just couples who join. Many singles are also interested in trying out the world of swinging to see what it will give them!

The goal of district swinger is obviously to target those who want to meet like-minded people. So anyone interested in breaking a taboo and finding out what naughty activities are going on in the nearby area can take a look here and find out all this!


  • At district swinger you can create a profile for free, use the FotoZapper and view profiles.
  • For communication, prices start from $ 11.99 / month.
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erotic dating - reliable and stylish

For couples who want to try something exciting in erotic adventures, Rateswingers can indeed come in handy! This dating site is also open to singles who want to try out this lifestyle or take it a little further. In the Netherlands there appear to be about 5,400 active members . Keep in mind that some of these profiles are from singles and the rest of the couples.

Rateswingers. And follows some basic safety standards. You are expected to present your profile in detail so that you clearly show who you are and what you are looking for. Do not worry; there is plenty of room for discretion!


  • Creating a profile and looking around is all free.
  • For unlimited communication and other features, such as unlimited photo upload, membership starts from $ 11.95 per month.
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