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Interview with O-cam

Exclusive interview with:

George S Graff

Founder of O-cam

Held on September 10, 2015

Interview with O-cam:

In 2008 O-cam launched the first casual shower cam portal for men and women looking for short-term erotic contacts in the Dutch speaking countries. Casual shower cam has since taken on a contemporary form and O-cam has become the leading website for arranging sex dates without any obligation. The company, based in Luxembourg, has 140 employees who care for more than 40 million members worldwide.

With this long journey of the company in mind, we were very excited to see O-cam founder George S Graff. Would he do everything the same way again?

"With us, women in particular can find a safe area to talk about eroticism and meet nice men."

George S Graff, we interviewed you the last time 5 years ago. It is now time for an update. Much has changed in the field of casual shower cam. Do you agree?

Actually, yes. Much has changed in this area. What started out as a niche has now become a staple for a large number of online daters. Our casual shower cam site has taken an important place in this industry and is a lifestyle trend among men and women. In short, O-cam is the undisputed market leader in all its forms, which in fact reflects the popularity of this product.

Our test winners:

What were O-cam's most memorable highlights between 2010 and 2015?

We've had a lot of highlights in the past 5 years. But if I could choose three of them, it would be next. Firstly, we have reached the 1 million member mark in the Netherlands. We will break this record in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in the coming months. This means that in the last five years, more than 6 million people have expressed an interest in casual shower cam. This is a fantastic number! I could not have predicted this five years ago.

This is an impressive number indeed! We take our hats off for that. Are there other examples that can underline these highlights?

We have participated in several live broadcast TV shows, such as “Tele Züri” in Switzerland. That was great fun, mainly because the subject of casual shower cam was discussed during a daily news broadcast. Even in countries where we don't have a website yet, we were the talk of the town on national TV. This fills me with a sense of pride and shows how popular casual shower cam has become in our society.

The last peak was not long ago. On September 10, 2015, we invited journalists to the O-cam headquarters for a “behind the scenes” event. The visitors were given the opportunity to see for themselves how O-cam actually works. I answered all questions, all criticisms and insecurities about casual shower cam. This event was very well received by the media.

And what was the biggest challenge you had to face with O-cam?

One of the biggest challenges was and still is not to get confused with shower cam affair and similar immoral shower cam portals. O-cam is casual shower cam and FSK 12 (German age classification system).

Excuse me, FSK 12? And there have been no problems with protecting minors? Of course we are joking and we understand what you mean. In principle, O-cam is not X-rated, is that correct?

At O-cam, we don't encourage people to seek an affair. We also think it is important to create a safe environment for women so that they can talk about eroticism without problems, meet nice men and arrange a casual date. That's why I strive to draw a clear line between affair shower cam and casual shower cam. Especially since adult or adult shower cam is shown quite negatively in the media. This was the case again recently.

You probably suggest the data hack at AshleyMadison and GayFriend, the two (at the time) largest adult and cheating shower cam portals. To what extent has the pretty isolated casual shower cam scene suffered below? Did you have to comment to keep O-cam free from similar providers?

We have given a 'response' by opening up our activities to journalists and we are not shielding ourselves from the public. During the “behind the scenes” event, we answered all the journalists' questions. Since then they understand exactly what O-cam is. It was not an easy task, but it was kept with great pleasure. So the experiences were very positive. The people I explained the concept of O-cam to got just as excited as I was. Ultimately, O-cam is a platform for singles and couples looking for short-term, no-strings-attached relationships.

Casual shower cam is no longer something that is kept behind closed doors. With O-cam you already reach a large audience in the middle class through TV commercials or advertising campaigns in women's magazines. Why is it so in demand? Have we all become singles who just, to keep it simple, want no strings attached sex?

Sex without obligations is nothing new, only today men and women are more aware of this lifestyle. Casual shower cam reflects the impulses of the times. We now live in a fast-paced world with limited time and a focus on career. We have become a mobile society and need the necessary adjustments. That is why O-cam came up with a product that is in line with the mentioned changes in society so that the market can develop successfully.

Gay men often pay attention to the topic that straight people are not always open or relaxed about sexual adventures when they have been in a relationship or marriage for years. Do you also agree with this opinion and O-cam strives to fulfill the sexual fantasies of everyone, including that of the women?

This is the exact direction we are pursuing. Those who have a profile on O-cam are on the right track to fulfill their sexual desires. And since we have so many members, gay men will stop feeling sorry for the straight people.

For a few years now, affair shower cam sites and cheating sites have been trying to disguise themselves under casual shower cam. Are similar dating sites aimed at competing with O-cam on secrecy and fraud?

No, O-cam is primarily for Only women and men who are open about their sexuality and are not focused on secrecy and fraud. So in other words, we serve a completely different audience. The industry doesn't see any parallel between O-cam and cheating sites. It is a completely different business model and therefore cannot be a competitor. Obviously, similar portals have a bad influence on our name as they describe themselves as casual shower cam and make an effort to be in the same boat with us. It's a bit annoying, but I certainly don't see that as competition.

What position has the “classic casual shower cam” taken? Are you purposely trying to differentiate yourself from the cheating image specialists? Or does O-cam serve more as a big roof under which all types of erotic contacts, be it open or secret contacts, fit?

We are completely separate from similar portals. Actually 70% of our registered members are Only. People dealing with casual shower cam know it's not about secrecy. It is anonymous and discreet. That is completely different and we do not want to change it.

You started with O-cam in 2008 and are now the European market leader of casual shower cam. Please give us a brief overview of the situation in the Netherlands. How many Dutch people have registered since the launch of the website and how many are still active?

The Netherlands currently has more than 4 million members, Switzerland more than 1.3 million and Austria more than 900,000 members. Currently, approximately 25,000 new members are enrolling worldwide every day. We have a very active community that is constantly growing.

In how many countries does your shower cam site operate and where does O-cam celebrate the greatest success?

We are represented in 15 European countries and frankly we celebrate the greatest success in the conservative markets. We have also achieved a lot of success in the Netherlands. As the founder of this market, we are the undisputed market leader, expanding our dominance of the market with the help of long-term brand strategy. Our customers can rely on O-cam. We are the largest 'lake' to 'fish' for the desired partner.

"Many cultures have deeply entrenched casual shower cam, but it is now increasingly seen as a lifestyle trend."

Would you like to explain more about the reason for its great popularity in the top countries of O-cam?

On the one hand, it is simply due to the changes of our time that have an impact on the market. On the other hand, it is also thanks to our professionally executed marketing strategy that makes us so popular. Many cultures have deeply entrenched casual shower cam, but it is now increasingly seen as a lifestyle trend. There are countries where this process is very rapid. It is now considered normal there to jump into bed on the first date. This is now simply a new platform out there, the replacement for the late night “booty call”.

O-cam's motto is “erotic encounters with level” and provides discreet erotic contacts. How do you manage to achieve such a level with your dating site? As an administrator, is it possible to ensure that members will behave properly?

At O-cam it is immediately clear what it is about: style, level and eroticism without obligations. The product is not cheap which mainly attracts people who have serious intentions when taking a premium membership. That is one of the reasons why O-cam is stylish and attractive.

Men who use casual shower cam sites, such as O-cam, sometimes complain that they get few responses. Although they make dozens of contact requests, they do not come to a successful conversation. What are these men doing wrong?

The beginning is already wrong. Women want to be conquered, be it offline or online. A copy-paste tactic does not work in any area of ​​life, especially when you immediately notice that the same message has been sent to dozens of other women.

Men are better off researching the woman's profile and sending a personal message based on this information. In this way they show that they are interested in sex with this woman and not in sex par excellence. Would these guys like it if they themselves get similar copy paste messages? Not me in any case.

And what is your advice to women to make O-cam an attractive and effective experience for them?

Women must be open, but at the same time remain true to themselves. She just has to rely on her confidence and start with casual shower cam, although she's not sure how everything will turn out. The saying “everything is possible, nothing is required” is very suitable for this case. We hear from many women that nice and fun casual dates are going well.

We sometimes come across scammers at casual shower cam. What measures do you take at O-cam to prevent the emergence of fake profiles and to protect members against fraud?

Scammers can be found not only in casual shower cam, but also on other dating sites such as Spaceship or eDarling to name a few. In any case, we have recognized this problem. Firstly, we have our own software program that recognizes and removes such members immediately. And, secondly, we have a strong community that reports fake profiles with just one click! This way we can keep our services very intimate. Besides that, our experienced customer service team will check all photos and open messages on O-cam.

So you've come up with your own solution to deprive scammers of their fraud 'fun' and prevent them from 'stealing' large sums of money. But how do you actually recognize the scammers? Are there automated means for this?

We have developed our own software for this purpose. This software tracks the activities of all users in our community and recognizes who the scammers are quite quickly. In many ways, these profiles have a different behavioral pattern than our casual daters.

Unfortunately, the fake profiles and scammers have a bad influence on the 'good' name of sex shower cam and create a wrong image of the platform. What is O-cam's approach to this?

As I mentioned before, we are separate from all cheating sites and openly show what we all do. In practice, our customers can see for themselves how pleasant our community is and how safe and confidential it is for men and women to seek erotic contacts here. This is the recipe for a reliable and good image.

We at Online shower cam get a lot of user feedback about O-cam. These range from suggestions for improving the services to reports of personal experiences. How many of these stories does top management get from O-cam?

I work with my employees in a large and open office. Every morning we share any updates we have that includes customer feedback. I meet with our customer service team every month to see what the atmosphere is like in our community.

Besides that I have a profile on O-cam myself and I often test our product to see what can be improved. This way I also get very close to the customers, which is very important to me. The customer is king and if the king is not satisfied, it will not make good business for us.

And now the main question. Would you go the same way again if you could start over with O-cam?

Hell yes. By founding O-cam I revolutionized the shower cam market and created a platform for users to experience erotic encounters at a high level.

A nice lock! Dear George S Graff, thank you for the interesting insights from the casual shower cam world! We wish you and O-cam many exciting years!

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