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Our O-cam experiences with the review update 2021

Overall, we have had good experiences with O-cam, although a few improvements are needed here and there. Our extensive and sincere experiences can be found in our O-cam review.

O-cam experience reports from users

For more than 10 years we have been testing shower cam portals and have gained a lot of experience with many providers. Time and again we wonder how bad the experiences of O-cam are on various internet forums, while we had a positive experience during the review.

Worldwide, the site has gathered 36 million members in 37 countries. In the Netherlands alone there are 370,000 members with 1,500 registrations daily! More than 100 employees work at the O-cam headquarters in Munich, who check profiles, advise customers and much more. So why are some members having such bad experiences with O-cam?

We will explain what happens in most cases. If you write 1,000 women the same shallow, short message and then expect 1,000 enthusiastic responses to come in afterward, it will only disappoint you. Despite this, these people are still writing posts in forums dealing with the topic of O-cam being a big scam. Now, however, we have the GENUINE O-cam experiences of testers ...

Experience of O-cam at registration

Everyone gave five stars for the experience they had during the free registration with O-cam. It took our testers 15-30 minutes to register and complete the questionnaire, which had around 30 questions. There were no complications. Everything was explained clearly and how to proceed. All important points (preferences, desires, etc.) were asked.

How good are the contact suggestions on O-cam?

Our testers regularly received sex partner suggestions and also took the time to date the most attractive members online. Both “our” women and “our” men were very satisfied with their experience of O-cam.

However, for reasons of pure discretion, one cannot look at the photos of the others. This is only possible if both agree. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage of the site. Everyone has their own opinion in the field of data protection. We give 4 stars for the experiences regarding the quality of the contact suggestions.

O-cam customer service experiences

We always received a quick answer to emails to [email protected] or faxes to +352 26 30 26 97. However, this O-cam experience does not receive the most stars, as the Phone connection is located in Slovakia and a Phone can be quite expensive. Everything else is fine.

Is O-cam cheap or expensive? Our opinion about the prices at O-cam

Some casual shower cam portals are very “creative” or completely unclear in terms of costs and change prices every week. However, thanks to the very transparent and simple pricing structure, O-cam scored a few points in this area.

Although the O-cam cost is cheap for premium members, the monthly flat fee at O-cam with its excellent price list was very convincing and added to the genuine O-cam experiences of our testers.

For all men and women looking for women or couples there is a price list for 3, 6 or 12 months with regard to a membership and here the following rule applies: the longer the term of your membership, the cheaper the monthly costs will be to be. Registration at O-cam is free, so everyone can first gain experience with O-cam and then opt for a paid membership.

Our experience at O-cam: The conclusion

Online shower cam. And has gained a lot of experience since the launch of the portal O-cam. We've been following the site since its inception and definitely recommend using it!


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