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Interview with GayFriend

Exclusive interview with:

Skye J Freeman

Founder and President of FriendFinder Networks

Held on 20.04.2015

Interview with GayFriend:

FriendFinder Networks is one of the largest online shower cam players in the world with an annual turnover of $ 250 million. In addition to the well-known GayFriend with its erotic encounters, the portfolio also includes various non-erotic FriendFinder shower cam sites, as well as the webcam service Cams.com. Skye J Freeman founded the company in 1996 and then sold it to Penthouse for approximately $ 500 million and is now on board once again. We spoke with him once at his Silicon Valley headquarters in 2007. This time we met him in Mexico, flanked by top camgirls ...

Mr. Conru, why did you end up with your "baby" again?

I was bored. No, to be honest, the new owners approached me in the hope that I could get the core business of “shower cam” back on track.

Our platform is transparent and, unlike many others, we do not promise a completely unrealistic female ratio of 50%. You get what you see.

What is the current core activity?

We started as a shower cam portal in 1996 and started building the business with webcam girls from 2004. After my departure the webcam girl story accelerated and is now almost more important than the shower cam business. This is a good thing in itself, but the shower cam services weren't too keen on it.

Our test winners:

To be honest, we don't see Cams.com in Europe.

That's right. Europe has its own strong webcam services, so you don't need us. However, we are the clear market leader in North, Central and South America. But we are well known in the “shower cam” industry in Europe.

GayFriend.com has been a well-known brand for the past two decades. To what is this success due? It's not the high number of women ...

Indeed, we were simply the world's most famous brand from the beginning of the year 2000. From that we were able to bring a lot to the present.

And the next big plus is our honesty with our customers. Our platform is transparent and, unlike many others, we do not promise a completely unrealistic female ratio of 50%. You get what you see.

And what do you want to start now?

The FriendFinder machine is still running at full speed. The 600 million registrations since its inception and the daily 180,000 new members speak for themselves. That is not the problem.

But what we offer to our customers is a bit outdated. I would like to modernize it. For example, we don't even have a decent app.

And we can all take a look at the colorful Zoosks and Badoos of this world with their various interesting functions and apply them to our products.

We are working under high pressure on a new product that will be launched in a few months. Be prepared!

WHEN we visited you in 2007, FriendFinder Networks had approximately 300 employees. How about now?

Of course we are still at this level, but of course there has also been a shift in the direction of webcam girls.

Who are the ladies next to you? Do they also belong to your staff?

This is Kendra Sunderland. She is one of our top camgirls. Kendra was expelled from her University in Oregon for taking her cam to the library… That's how she got into the world media.

And here we have the Penthouse “Pet of the Year” Taya Parker. You can also find them on Cams.com… They were of course one of the reasons why I came back ;-)

Mr. Conru, thank you very much for the interview!

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