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Flirting usually starts in chats! But where can most singles be found?

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Special dating sites for shower cam chat / dating forums

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Datebord.en is a fairly basic dating site and an example of a classic (maybe a little old-fashioned) personals site with about 400 members . The site is only new, but you can see the shower cam ads very clearly and you can start sending messages to people right away if you want! Many of the ads are also refreshed very often.

In general, Datebord doesn't look like a very exciting platform. However, it does live up to its intentions and does not revolve around it much. So if you are not impressed with the usual frills that many other services offer, this is for you.


  • Setting up a profile and placing an ad are free.
  • To communicate, you pay for credits starting from $ 6.00 / 25 credits.
Short review Dateboard

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