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O-cam app
Last update: 01/2021

O-cam app

Casual shower cam with style

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O-cam app 2021

O-cam review: What it looks like on the portal!

We have been following the O-cam portal for a long time and have gathered a few facts. If you're looking for more information, you've come to the right place! Here you will find all the information about O-cam that falls under our “cheating” category.

O-cam is a great sex dating site with a discreet arrangement for an erotic contact. The name says it all; O-cam means nothing more than casual shower cam. O-cam stands for simple relaxed encounters, without obligations, with erotic experiences. In the Netherlands this is better known as sex dating. During our O-cam reviews, we naturally examined membership. Since its founding in 2008, there are 36 million members worldwide. The Dutch users make up 350,000 of this number.

At O-cam there is the possibility for 'discreet cheating' ...

As a result, this portal is particularly popular among married Dutch people, as the search can be quite simple and anonymous. At the same time, the site is also suitable for singles who do not want to start a regular relationship yet. The people who are not interested in a lasting relationship at the moment get the opportunity on O-cam to make their fantasies come true with like-minded individuals.

O-cam experience: How does it work?

Obviously we did not wait long to test this portal. So how much time do you need on average to get an erotic contact? We have listed the most important steps for you:

  • Login : The registration only takes a few minutes and collects information about your gender, relationship status, search area and e-mail address. After the confirmation of registration you will be directed to your personal page where you can fill in your profile completely with details of your erotic preferences and photos.
  • Finding partners through contact suggestions : The search for suitable partners is supported by anonymous contact suggestions. Partner proposals are made based on your search criteria and preferences, which match your search requirements. The list of contact proposals is updated daily with new potential users.
  • Contact : With the help of the internal e-mail system you can send your contact suggestions messages or you can use the live chat function when your preferred communication partner is online.

The O-cam experience of our female testers

The layout of the portal was very attractive and inviting to the ladies who conducted the test. Apparently it differed a lot from the other cheating sites. In many cases you come across women on the home page in an explicit attitude with few clothes on. For many women this is not very inviting.

After registration everything runs pretty smoothly. You will be given the time to fill in your profile and choose a photo. After completing the questionnaire you will immediately receive the first contact proposals in your inbox. Our female testers were allowed to review the proposals at their own pace and decide later whether or not to approach these users. Sometimes the photos of men were hidden. In our experience at O-cam, being kind helps a lot! If you kindly ask for their photos, you will be presented with the profile pictures. Then the women especially like it when they are not constantly bombarded with messages on a daily basis. In short, it is a very pleasant experience if it is something you would like to try!

The men and their O-cam experience ...

Actually they have the same experiences! Registration was just as easy as with the women. The erotic preferences were quickly established and the contact suggestions then poured in. The men were able to view the profiles of women, but had no way to write them. This is only the case if you do not have a membership. After purchasing a membership you are allowed to start a conversation.

However, it is also very nice that you can always change your preferences if you are looking for a different adventure. This way, your cheating experience will never get boring.

From our experience with O-cam, we can see that there is less male competition waiting for you on the site! The reason for this is that many men register but remain free members. As a result, the male members, who pay for a membership to interact directly with women, find that everyone is more relaxed, as no one is constantly bombarded with messages from countless men.

Protect your privacy

Obviously, discretion is very important for people with a partner looking for an affair. This is precisely why O-cam focuses on contact proposals. The contact proposal principle supports the anonymity of the user, as their profile can only be visited by members who match your search criteria. Your profile is protected against people of an unwanted gender, inappropriate age and preferences that do not match your wishes.

At O-cam. You can also determine whether your profile photos are immediately visible to all contact proposals or only to certain members who trust you. So basically you decide who you want to share your personal information with and in this way you get full control over your privacy.

O-cam app Price

O-cam app - Costs and fees:

  • 12 months = € 19.90 / month
  • 6 months = € 29.90 / month
  • 3 months = € 39.90 / month

Review summary

Quick facts about O-cam app

Casual shower cam with style

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