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challenger.en Review
Last update: 01/2021

challenger. and

For singles with level

Founded: 2013

General impression: 5

Advantages and disadvantages

  • A growing matchmaking site in the Netherlands with more than 850,000 local members.
  • Well-developed personality test to determine suitable partner suggestions or “matches”.
  • Large number of educated singles.
  • Only premium members are allowed to read and reply to messages on challenger.
  • Completing the personality test and receiving partner proposals are all free. You will incur costs if you wish to communicate with other members.

in the Netherlands


Dette there success! 34% find a partner

This is challenger

Our challenger review: What is it?

Our review of challenger.en was very positive indeed. As one of Europe's most well-known matchmaking sites, it is also proving to be a significant success in the Netherlands, with 850,000 members all over the country . For singles looking to find a partner that suits their personality, tastes and lifestyle (as well as someone looking for a serious life partner), there are many people of different characters to get to know.

Contact suggestions are constantly being updated so singles can receive at least one new match per day. You can also use the "What if ...?" position where you can follow the partner proposals that you did not find suitable in the beginning. This gives you a significant number of options!

challenger login: How it works!

When you first log in to challenger, a long questionnaire is provided (it's not as scary as it sounds!). So before checking out the other members, take 30 minutes to take the test and answer the questions. The test itself was developed in collaboration with several international universities, so it is very in-depth.

Do not worry about completing the test within a specified time frame. You can stop and start whenever you want. Once you have completed the challenger test (all 200 questions), you will be able to access the member area and see the list of partner proposals (“match”). Just make sure to check out the members on challenger.

You can try challenger for free

Many people still find online shower cam a new experience. That's why challenger offers the opportunity to browse the site before signing up for a membership. This will help you become more familiar with the entire service before deciding to pay for a membership. You can take the test for free and review the partner proposals and then decide if it's worth paying for it.

Costs on challenger

As this online shower cam agency is aimed at a highly educated audience, this has an impact on the prices that challenger offers. A premium membership to the site is certainly not cheap, but you do get your money's worth. Keep in mind that those seriously looking for a partner are generally willing to pay for good service. This means that the singles you interact with at Challenger are just as serious as you, but there is a slim chance of meeting passive or careless members. There is also a clear list of prices.


“Challenger is one of the best relationship mediation sites in the Netherlands. Here you will mainly find a highly educated audience. In addition, you will receive extra help from the provider during your search for a partner. ”

Hanneke de Bos

challenger. and Member Tree:

Number of members challenger

850,000 Dutch members

  • 13 million worldwide
  • 1,000 new members every day
Ratio Male / Female:


Age structure:
40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-99
  • Average age of women: 38.5 years
  • Average age of men: 39.8 years

Mediation procedure of challenger.en

Course of the Mediation Process:
  • You are requested to take a personality test when you register.
  • This test was developed by Challenger in collaboration with various psychologists.
  • Questions from ten different categories help to analyze your character. Based on these results, you will receive contact suggestions that are tailored to your personality profile.
  • Take the time to take the test, because you can't repeat it! On average, our testers took about 30 minutes.
Number of Contact Suggestions
  • After completing the personality test, you will receive suitable partner proposals in your internal member area. The number may vary, but don't worry! The list is regularly updated with new contact suggestions!
Quality of
matching procedure
  • 24 photos possible.
  • Many singles have answered the “open questions” with great effort.
  • No "inactive" contacts can be found.
Mediation guarantee

Your profile must meet certain requirements in order to benefit from this guarantee.

Dating Profile Quality:
  • Not every user has a profile picture, but that could be due to manual photo verification. Each photo is checked for authenticity. This can take up to 48 hours.
  • Many members take the time to fill in all the fields of their profile.
  • Since all profiles are checked manually, the inactive and fake profiles will be deleted after a short time.

Technical aspects of challenger

Special characteristics:
  • There is a free challenger app for Android and iOS.
  • You will receive an overview of your test results.
  • With one click you can decide whether you want to receive further contact suggestions or whether to put them on hold.
  • In the category “Kismet” you can view profiles that are not presented to you.
Ease of use and design:
  • The page is clearly designed. The most important functions (such as reports) are visible to all users.
  • The user can immediately see when the new suggestions or messages have arrived.
  • If there are any questions, the “Help” section is not far away.

Pricing from challenger.en

Free Features:
  • Registration and completion of a personality test.
  • Insight into your own test results
  • Receive contact suggestions
  • Access to other profiles (without profile pictures)
Premium Features: (booking site):

Communication for an indefinite period:

  • 12 months = $ 19.90 / month
  • 6 months = $ 29.90 / month
  • 3 months = $ 49.90 / month
Payment method:
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Mr. Cash
  • iDeal

Pay attention!

If you do not want to renew your paid membership, it is necessary to cancel it 7 days before your membership expires. This can easily be done via your profile settings.

About this provider challenger.en


3553 Maple Lane
35816 Berlin
Phone: 256-445-4114


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Challenger?

An extensive personality test. You do have to take the time to fill it in, but then you will always receive new partner proposals. It has a diverse membership base with an average age of 39 years. If there are any questions, customer service is always happy to help.

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Are the challenger prices & costs fair?

At challenger you can register for free and complete a personality test. You may also update your profile and view partner suggestions. But as soon as you want to send a message to another member, you will be asked to become a Premium Member.

  • 12 months: $ 19.90 / month
  • 6 months: $ 29.90 / month
  • 3 months: $ 49.90 / month
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How does online shower cam work?

This is done in two ways. Generally, every shower cam site has a file of its registered users. With personals and many sex dating websites you can browse the file yourself and search for other members. In relationship mediation you are matched with others based on a personality test. In this case, you will only get partner proposals that you can approach and message.

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What does online dating cost?

Personals sites are generally cheaper, as you often have to figure it out yourself. In the case of relationship counseling, where one is seriously looking for someone, the costs are of course higher, as there is much more technology involved. Partner proposals are made based on a personality test that is completed during registration. Sex dating is generally much more expensive because of the precautions they take there to protect their female members.

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What is the best online shower cam site?

There is no easy answer to this. It's more about what you're looking for! If you just want to flirt, look for a personals portal. If you prefer to have a lasting relationship, then you are looking for a relationship mediation platform. For erotic adventures, a sex dating platform is the best place to look.

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