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Drafting good personals
This is how you will be found!

More than 4 million Dutch singles have placed a personal ad on the internet. On the one hand, this huge choice is great for you, on the other you must be adept at getting noticed by the other singles.

We will explain to you how this works in this article!

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Imagine your personal ad as an ad in a high-gloss magazine, where you are the product and want to stand out from the crowd with fantastically designed ads!

If you don't make an effort, your personals won't be noticed. Invest some time in formatting your personals - the results will be worth it. Or would you contact someone who has a profile with a short, unimaginative description, an obscure photo and painful spelling mistakes? Probably not!

The very smart among you might object in your mind, "What interests me my own personals? I'll just go and find out and flirt!" And if you've flirted with someone by flirt mail, what will they do first?

How Do I Find a Very Good Free Online Shower Cam Website?
A photo is an absolute must!

Without a photo in the personals you will be immersed in the crowd of singles, we will give you that on a note. The theme "What makes a photo a good photo?" is so important that we wrote a separate article about it: A Photo says more than 1,000 words - sometimes

How Do I Find a Very Good Free Online Shower Cam Website?
The headline is the key to success!

Particularly important is a powerfully speaking headline, which immediately draws your attention to other singles and arouses curiosity to read your complete profile. As in real life, the first impression is always crucial. "Hello. I am Jan from Edam and I am looking for a nice woman who is sexy and does the housework for me" will certainly not deliver the desired success!

Also avoid negative formulations such as:

  • "Actually I don't really want to, but a good friend of mine insisted that I post an announcement here, because otherwise I will never find anyone ..."
  • "My life is terribly boring and that's why I thought to myself that you could bring some variety ..."
  • "My last friend was a total flop. I'm glad that that idiot has finally gotten away and I'm now looking for a sweet, neat ..."

Negative statements are a deterrent and guarantee that you never have to waste your time answering wishes to contact ;-)

Also avoid incredible exaggerations such as:
"I've got Arnold Schwarzenegger's muscles, Albert Einstein's IQ, Danny DeVito's humor, and Richard Gere's charm!"

Well, then nobody believes you. And when will you really not want to be with this mentally disturbed person, will you? Also, keep in mind that, by mutual consent, an offline meeting may one day be in the offing. You can save yourself this painful damper in advance.

How Do I Find a Very Good Free Online Shower Cam Website?
Formulate positively and powerfully!

Think carefully and formulate briefly, precisely, positively and honestly. Consider what expectations a reader may have of your profile that you can fulfill for her or him. For example, women prefer qualities such as: reliability, loyalty, understanding, empathy, being well-groomed, gentleness ... A little humor never hurts, as long as you don't throw in your own windows by telling a joke.

Only with a top photo and a good headline do you encourage the interested Only to take the first and important step: he makes the effort to take a closer look at your profile.

How Do I Find a Very Good Free Online Shower Cam Website?
About your person: who are you and who are you looking for?

Now you have the opportunity to introduce yourself better. The reader should feel so much engaged by the profile that he really wants to get to know you better. The range of "rivals" is enormous. So again: make the effort and keep it short!

What characterizes you? What could prompt someone to reply to your personals to get to know you?

Don't be shy or modest - but don't overdo it either. Simply be open and honest and let the person opposite you know as much about yourself as possible so that he or she can create a realistic picture for themselves.

Make a list of qualities that you and others appreciate about you. Build these features into your "advertising campaign":

  • "I am adventurous and open to the world and curious to finally get to know the person who shares my passion to travel a lot and see the world."
  • "Are you also a communicative and lively person. I look forward to hearing your ideas and dreams, and maybe experiencing them together later!"

Invite an answer with your statements. Build confidence. After all, you want to hear something about the other person in the answer!

Do not make the big mistake of referring only to your own wishes and setting unrealistic demands:
"My partner must be between the ages of 30 and 35, at least 6 'tall, well trained, developed, humorous, self-aware, understanding and provide me with the necessary security with at least six-digit net income."

This man of your dreams will hardly be on the market.


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