The best shower cam sites in the Netherlands 2021

How do I find a great free dating site?

Shower cam websites are popping up on the net. Under the term "dating site" alone, Google generates 2 million search results.

Every day we look at the most diverse portals for singles. These are often cheap copies of established providers, fakes can be found on every page and the database does not function properly.

The dating site is offered as “completely free” by the provider. In most cases they actually mean that the registration is free.

The most interesting functions at a top dating site are usually associated with costs. None of the very good online shower cam sites are completely free. We will explain the reason for this later.

Every day we look at the most diverse portals and shower cam sites. Often these are cheap copies from other established providers, filled with fakes and with a database that is not functioning properly.

Yet we often come across a dating site that works great. Many users ask us exactly the same question about this every time:

Are there any free shower cam portals that are still good?

The answer is yes and no. The explanation for this is the following: There are certainly excellent dating sites, but they are not completely free.

Let's try to shed some light on this seemingly floaty statement:

  • A good shower cam website nowadays has to have a lot to offer. A function with "who is currently online" is now part of the standard equipment. The list of "Must-have" attributes is getting longer.
  • A free shower cam website needs a lot of marketing knowledge to attract a singles community. Daily registrations of “fresh meat”, which also come from your area, make a dating site more attractive! Otherwise you will get bored very quickly!
  • We assume that the above point works and that the singles site is becoming more and more popular. In that case, members must receive good service and that cannot be achieved with a small customer service team. It is impossible to handle 8,000 new registrations as well as questions and complaints.
  • A major free dating site is struggling with the “Romance Scam” phenomenon. It usually involves foreigners using fake profiles to get unlucky singles in their safety net. Each year, these scammers can amass more than a million (these people are really good at their job!).

All this always means high costs for the operator!

  • How can he earn that back? Nowadays you can no longer finance a dating site with advertising alone. Then there are sites where too much advertising keeps popping up and where new windows appear on your screen. The user is often tempted to avoid this site.
  • Some publishers, television channels and online portals offered free Only portals for years in order to win or retain customers for their actual business.

The free dating site then suffers from the standard problems. They have no money for more useful features, security or customer service, and no manual verification of profiles. Some singles find this very bothersome, especially if they are looking for a serious relationship. You don't want to see unnecessary images of people or commercials that have nothing to do with shower cam or relationships on every second page.

The partially free shower cam websites

A few very good providers have partly free offers . As a potential customer you can freely browse the personals, view profiles and put your own personad on the net. With a few you can even answer, if contact is sought by others!

If you like the shower cam website XY and you want to interact with other singles, it usually requires a subscription for a fee, which allows access to a multitude of features, e.g. 1: 1 chat, automatic notifications by SMS, better placement of your personal ad in the search results of the shower cam website etc. That varies from provider to provider. Look at our reviews of personals portals.

The new “Freemium” model

Around 2010 Adult launched the so-called “Freemium shower cam”. For the current 150 million users worldwide, this shower cam website is offered for free, but with some restrictions. For example, those who would like to appear at number 1 in the singles search results or send virtual gifts can purchase an extra “Superpower” ...

In our reviews we have already noted that the users of this colorful and hip freemium dating site are mainly young people who are looking for a date a bit superficially. This leads us to an important point:

Who does not have to pay,
often forget a dating site!

Another point that cannot be avoided is that singles often become more interested and take more serious action when paying for online shower cam. If you're reaching out to someone called SEXYLARS101, who signed up on a free dating site out of boredom, you'll have to wait a long time for a response. Because most likely sexy Lars will no longer log into the site.

In fact, the dating site costs are directly linked to the age and intentions of the users:

  • If you don't mind that most users on a dating site aren't serious about looking, hardly ever read their posts, and might not ask you out for a date (especially if they're fake), then feel free to take advantage of a free or freemium website.
  • For those over 25 years old looking for a quality shower cam portal where fakes and passive profiles are systematically removed by customer service and expecting some level of interest from other singles, then a partially free dating site, such as relationshipplanet or Alexis , probably a better choice!
  • Singles who are really looking for a lifelong partner should turn to larger dating sites such as Spaceship, Challenger or Bae. These sites come at a price, but the people who sign up there (and pay over $ 150) are definitely looking for something serious!

If there is an exception to this rule, please let us know!

Oops! A few exceptions still come to mind: Only portals, which, based on their very private target group (Christian singles, special interests, etc.), have a clear spending plan. Below you will find nice shower cam websites, which in the context of its possibilities and with incredible idealism make something fantastic. You can find these providers with us under the page ' special dating sites for singles '.


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