The best shower cam sites in the Netherlands 2021

What is a shower cam scammer?

Our opinion

If you just met someone online and they ask you for money, be careful! You are probably the target of a shower cam scammer in this case. If someone you have met online is asking for money, it is better not to comply. Unless you're ready to lose money because chances are you'll never see a cent back. Most of these scammers live abroad and try to scam Only women using fake profiles. The goal of these people is to receive as much money as possible! Whether they act alone or in groups is nearly impossible to determine.

shower cam scammers are only after your money. All compliments and gestures are only meant to steal money from you!

The women are often approached by American soldiers (the photos have been stolen!). They flirt a lot and create an attractive atmosphere. The scammer would like to meet you after the initial communication, but unfortunately has no resources to do so. They come up with the most different and incredible reasons why they are short of money!

Unfortunately, there are many women who do not know their self-worth. They feel lonely and find the shower cam scammer the most wanted love. It is precisely for this reason that women spend even more money. Obviously, there is no meeting after the transfer of money, as now suddenly something else has happened. The money is gone and they don't stop generating pity. Billions of dollars are stolen in this way every year.

How do you recognize a shower cam scammer?

They disappear just as quickly as they approach you, when they see that they have no chance of success. An overwhelming number of compliments from the first corner can be another indicator. The scammer tries to gain your trust and affection as quickly as possible. If he succeeds, he won't hesitate to ask for money, but at that point, you just have to let it go.

Be careful and don't get caught in the trap. If someone is really interested in you, they will find a way to make a first date come true.


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