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Bae costs in overview:

  1. What are the costs: Bae February 2021?
  2. Why these Bae charges
  3. Bae price: Is something free?
  4. How can you pay the Bae costs?
  5. Is the Bae price worth it?

This is the Bae prize in February 2021

As with almost all dating sites, Bae has a diverse membership model that becomes more cost effective with a longer membership term.

  • 12 months = $ 24.90 / month
  • 6 months = $ 29.90 / month
  • 3 months = $ 49.90 / month

The 3 month “beginners” model is a good start to get an idea of ​​the product. It is also the most expensive because of its short term, which means that you pay the highest Bae costs every month.
If you decide to take a six-month membership (and this term is something to consider if you're seriously looking for a partner), you'll be paying a lot less money per month.
The third option has a membership term of one year and costs a few euros less per month.

Bae costs, because ...

Since its inception in 2004, more than 36,000,000 international singles have registered for the personality test. To manage this number, to run the Bae site (large server, maintenance, etc.), and to further develop the partner matching process so that there are many more right partner proposals and to keep up with the times technically need to pay for the Bae fees.

Bae price: Is something free?

Yes, not everything you do on the Bae site asks you to cover the costs. Registration and completing the questionnaire are free. You also don't have to pay Bae a price for taking the personality test. And even receiving contact suggestions is still free. You can also view and receive other profiles (without photo) and do standard searches.

Note: We are not talking about personal communication.

How can you pay the Bae costs?

Currently you can only pay for a Bae membership with a credit card.

Is the Bae price worth it?

We often get this question: is the Bae price worth it? Or do I have a better chance with another provider for less money? Our answer: Yes, you can have more of a chance with another provider for less money or even one that's free.

But you can also be hit by lightning, because anything is possible. If you are looking for a serious partner for life then you will most likely find it somewhere the others will pay too. And that somewhere that EVERYONE pays for finding a partner is here.


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