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Somehow you don't cover this topic when dealing with Bae. However, it is not about the prices now, but how logging in to Bae becomes a success. We wanted to know exactly what it takes and so we started our search.

What do people expect to find when searching for “Bae login”?

Let's be honest. Most people try to avoid a few clicks to fill in their details faster. But is this possible at all? We tried it and unfortunately found out that it doesn't work… Unfortunately.

Of course we have not given up and started looking at other possibilities. When you look at Bae's first page, it can be a bit confusing at first glance. Although the option to register is in the middle, the login area in the top right corner is hidden. We took a screenshot to make it clearer for you:

Log in right away with one or two steps.

What else you should know about Bae login!

This is something many users find annoying… Logging in does not replace the registration process! If you have never used Bae before, you will need to register before you can search for other members.

You do need some time though, as Bae requires each member to complete a personality test. You will then receive contact suggestions based on the results. All of this remains within the scope of Bae. You only need 15-20 minutes of your time and can get started right away. It is of course an advantage to do this on your laptop, as filling it in via the app can become a bit tedious.

You need a valid e-mail address and password for “Bae login”. You may also have forgotten your password. Then go to the login area and click on “Forgotten password” and create a new one.

We hope we helped you a bit and wish you success with Bae!


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