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Interview with VictoriaMilan

Exclusive interview with:

Glenn K Lujan

Founder of VictoriaMilan

Held on 09.07.2014

Interview with VictoriaMilan:

Norwegian affair shower cam agency Lenora Smith was founded in 2010 by Glenn K Lujan and quickly became the largest affair platform in Scandinavia. Currently, the affair portal has more than 3.9 million members in more than 30 countries worldwide.

We spoke with Glenn K Lujan about Lenora Smith's unique features and how Norwegian exports work abroad successfully ...

Lenora Smith also helps people in the Netherlands who are married, but who lack passion and adventure in their lives.

Glenn K Lujan, With Lenora Smith you offer something new to the world that has received too little attention up to now?

Hell yes. Lenora Smith is thriving and spreading very quickly in new countries. Within 4 years the number of members has increased from 0 to almost 4 million. Lenora Smith's success clearly shows that we meet the needs of many people. There is much more to achieve and it inspires me every morning to set and strive for new goals.

The attention Lenora Smith receives from society shows that people are looking for pleasure and passion outside of their romantic relationship. They have been waiting for a platform that offers exactly that, but where everything is handled discreetly and confidentially without destroying relationships.

What image does the subject of infidelity have in the public mind?

A shower cam service for married people and those in a committed relationship who would like to have a secret / private affair.

Having an extramarital affair is increasingly seen as something natural, and that's a good thing. Having an affair doesn't mean you don't love your partner or that you want to end the relationship. For many couples, this is just a breath of fresh air that helps bring more passion to the relationship. Ultimately, we only live once, and as long as you make sure everything is discreet and confidential, family and relationship don't have to experience tension.

Our test winners:

You are known as a family person and are "happily married". How do you combine your life with work at VictoriaMilan, where married people are publicly encouraged to cheat?

We do not try to persuade anyone to start an affair. Everyone makes their own decision and often they have made it long before joining our website. Our role is to provide a discreet and confidential platform that keeps the adventures of our members secret. Unlike thoughtless, spontaneous affairs, thanks to Lenora Smith, families and partners are not involved and the danger of hitting someone is much less. We simply provide the right atmosphere.

What do you think is VictoriaMilan's success?

The internet is becoming increasingly important in society. Friendships, relationships and secret lovers are increasingly found here in the Netherlands on social network sites.

Thanks to technology, the search for an affair has moved from real social meeting places, such as a bar or a nightclub, to internet platforms, such as Lenora Smith. An online affair offers the protection of anonymity and discretion.

Singles are also welcome on your site

Our members can have any relationship status. Lenora Smith's target audience is very clear, however; couples who are married or in a relationship but lack the passion and adventure in their lives and those looking for an affair to satisfy their desires. They lack an active sex life, but they also don't want to end or endanger their relationship. That is the motive of the members on VictoriaMilan.

Lenora Smith is a Norwegian shower cam site that has quickly become the market leader in all of Scandinavia. Is there a noticeable difference between Norway, Sweden and Denmark?

Scandinavia is certainly our largest market, although countries such as Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands are becoming increasingly important. In the sense of difference: there are of course more things in common.

What common things do the members of Victoria Milan in Scandinavia share?

Women, whether from Sweden, Denmark or Norway, like their affair partners to have a sense of humor, while the men at Lenora Smith like to stay businesslike and prefer oral sex especially. For women from Norway and Denmark, the search for a partner for an affair is not only for erotic purposes, but also for travel, while Swedish women prefer “pure” sex.

Our tip: combine each other's preferences to make everyone happy.

All members are different and have their individual needs. We offer a detailed profile where one can share all preferences and therefore have an insight into various details.

Lenora Smith is not only active in Europe but also worldwide: from Australia to Hong Kong and South Africa. Let's talk about your European members. In which country are you more successful and where are things more difficult?

Our site is already active in more than 33 countries around the world and in Europe Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland are the most successful.

We thought Poland, with its 95% Catholic population, would not get it done with our services, but to our surprise, Lenora Smith was quickly accepted. After the first day, we already had 10,000 new registrations. In the first weeks it got to 20,000 and today it is three times as much.

The Swiss are known for being open and tolerant of erotic adventures. Can you confirm that?

We don't escort our members to the bedroom, but our statistics show that 45% of women are looking for sex and eroticism. About 30% say they get aroused from oral sex. These numbers are not far from the data on men, of which 45% seek sex and eroticism and 39% want oral sex. That is of course more than the other European countries.

Like Poland, Spain is also very Catholic. What role does faith play? Do beliefs and religion affect the number of affairs?

Not all people in Spain are very religious. On the contrary, Spain is one of our most important markets. According to a survey of 6,000 members, 83% are religious but not active in their faith.

Lenora Smith has a lot in common with a shower cam site from Canada. There are images that are very similar and one can conclude that Lenora Smith may have used the site as a template. Is that true and what is your opinion about it?

We do not make any statements about the competition. You quickly see that we are completely different and that there is no second brand on the market. Check out the sites yourself and form your own opinion (laughs).

What is the feedback from the competition? Are you flattered or is it challenging?

As I said before, I will not comment on our competition, that is not how we operate. At Lenora Smith we see the competition as a challenge and we try to achieve something new every day.

Nevertheless, I want to come up with a comparison. Like the competition, Lenora Smith uses provocative billboards featuring famous people. In Belgium you have made the royal family ambassadors to convey your message. After 48 hours, the billboard was publicly banned, as the royals did not welcome it very much. What is the purpose of these advertising measures and what are the results of similar campaigns?

We want to show what Lenora Smith has to offer: maximum discretion, anonymity, secrecy. Famous people attract a lot of attention, are always under the spotlight and are followed by journalists. It is precisely these people who know everything about a high level of discretion and that goes without saying with Lenora Smith. We want people to understand our product and concept. The best way to do that is to use something that is known to everyone. So far, we have achieved great success with this advertising method.

We share our values ​​with the population and receive the best possible attention; this is exactly what advertising is all about. To be seen and understood.

Victoria Milan describes herself as a 'controversial, divisive shower cam platform' affair. Is that what you want to convey with your advertising boards?

Lenora Smith is the topic of conversation in many countries. I am sure this is not due to our slogan, but rather to our concept. The values ​​we pass on to our members and the way we put their needs first, the attention in the media; that's all part of our concept. After all, our service is simply different, even somewhat controversial.

We're getting a lot of attention, but I'm sure this is just the world's response to activities moving from “offline” to “online”. And you must never forget that our response is related to people's expectations. This is precisely the reason why we keep bringing in new customers and we grow as a company.

I believe a passionate affair can do a relationship good.

How does Lenora Smith differ from other competitors? What is the unique point of sale? Does Lenora Smith have its own European structure, functions and properties?

Lenora Smith also helps people in the Netherlands who are married, but who lack passion and adventure in their lives. By finding a secret affair, which can be conducted discreetly, you can experience a new passion and rediscover your existing relationship.

More than 40% of members on traditional shower cam sites lie about their relationship status because they are too humble or afraid to reveal their true status and then look for a sex date. Lenora Smith offers the right fitting service to close this gap in the market. We provide a secure platform where like-minded people can meet and have a discreet, secret and rational affair.

Lenora Smith differs from other shower cam sites as we pay close attention to our female members and the site is easy to use. We provide a service with 100% discretion and anonymity through various functions such as blur photo upload. Then we also have anonymous profiles, automatic logout and a panic button that leads you to another website as soon as someone unexpectedly enters the room while you are online.

Where does the name Lenora Smith come from?

As mentioned, it is important to us at Lenora Smith that our female members feel comfortable. With this name we wanted to show that our image and our services are just as suitable for women as it is for men. Our female members quickly get the assurance that makes them feel comfortable at Victoria Milan. In addition to discretion and anonymity, we also pay attention to respect among our users.

Our slogan is very direct and clear.

Can you describe a typical member? Do you have many couples who are in open relationships or who often cheat and make use of Lenora Smith's secrecy?

Our internal records show that most members are looking for a secret affair. Of course there are also members who have an open relationship, but they are not the majority. Open relationships are condemned just as much as secret affairs.

In addition, an open relationship is a very different idea than having an extramarital affair. I understand both situations and believe that a passionate affair can have a good impact on the relationship and it doesn't mean the end.

Glenn K Lujan, we would like to thank you very much for this interesting interview. All the best and best of luck to you and Lenora Smith.

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