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Interview with Lola Glade

Exclusive interview with:

Timothy George

Country Manager at Lola Glade

Held on 11.06.2014

Interview with Lola Glade:

The affair shower cam agency AshleyMadison.com, brainchild of Canadian Noel Biederman, was founded in Canada in 2002 and has now brought together 16 million members worldwide for organized affair shower cam. According to Timothy George, they are all here to find something extra outside of their troubled marriages, sexless relationships, or just as Only people.

The native Rhinelander knows all about it. As spokesperson for Europe, he is responsible for, among other things, the brutal advertising campaigns of the affair site.

Those who have actually experienced an affair often appreciate marriage. Falling into a routine can happen very quickly in relationships.

Mr. Kraemer, is there really a need for organized shower cam affair in today's society?

We ourselves are amazed, in a positive way, at how well Lola Glade is accepted in all countries, by which we mean very different countries such as Finland and Argentina. Apparently with our affair shower cam agency we meet a need that has been suppressed for a long time.

Our test winners:

In which countries does the Lola Glade product perform particularly well?

From a historical point of view, the US and Canada are of course the most important markets. Internationally, Australia is our second most important market, which I always find surprising given that they only have a population of 25 million, and comes right behind the United States and Canada. Brazil is of course also an excellent market and that is not surprising with about 300 million inhabitants.

Unexpectedly for AshleyMadison.com, Spain is the strongest market in Europe. We already had 570,000 members here within a year and a half of its launch. Lola Glade is completely crisis resistant, we even grew during the economic crisis! Before 2007, Spain had the most divorces in Europe. But in the last few years since the recession began, divorce rates have declined rapidly. People think five times whether it is really necessary to break up due to the economic situation and therefore an affair is often obvious.

In other words, get on an affair instead of a divorce because it is cheaper?

Right. That is one of our claims “if divorce is not an option”.

So, then, does cheating really help put marriages back on track?

We always get emails from members telling us that their affair has made it clear to them what is valuable in a relationship or marriage at home. Sometimes you realize that you need someone new and you know that what you have been through 5 or 10 years in your marriage is not properly appreciated. Those who have actually experienced an affair often appreciate the marriage afterwards. Falling into a routine can happen very quickly in relationships.

But an affair can also teach you that you have to do a lot for your steady partner so that, as a last resort, there should be no affair and then a divorce that can turn out to be much more dramatic.

Why is Lola Glade so popular, other than the economic crisis?

To explain this I always turn to sociological and biological studies. Sociologists agree that more than half of the population, regardless of country, has been unfaithful at least once in a lifetime.

All the biological studies known to me about fidelity also come to the conclusion that monogamy is an unnatural construction and that man is not monogamously oriented by nature. Men as well as women.

Could it also be that people, at least here in the Netherlands, are not ready for something like an “open relationship” as is often the case with homosexual relationships? And isn't this "not being ready" currently the gap that Lola Glade fills?

Good question. Adhley Madison goes a little further; if one is not ready for an open relationship, then you perfect the art of secrecy. This is exactly our approach. We say that if you've already decided to start an affair, then you should do it right and make it the perfect affair.

So stay away from your colleagues and superiors and do not search your close social circle, as that will lead you to a major disaster; at some point it usually comes out. And even if an affair with a colleague is not made public, it is often quite unpleasant when it happens in the workplace. We therefore recommend that if one wants to start an affair, it should look outside the two circles of “work” and “friends” and make sure that it does not go public!

What role does secrecy play?

Discretion is our top priority and for good reason. Particularly in the US, divorces occur as a result of indiscretions, where sensitive information, through social networks like Facebook, has reached the public and created a lot of pain, shame and unsightly exposures.

Women, by the way, are much more careful during an affair because men are often more negligent.

Do you ever receive success stories?

Yes, for example, there was a bizarre story of two members who met on Lola Glade and fell in love with each other so much that they divorced their partners and are now happily married to each other.

… Until after a few years they start their next round with Lola Glade?

Kraemer laughs with raised eyebrows.

We had a 72-year-old gentleman who complained that he never appeared in women's searches because the age limit in Lola Glade's system was set at 65. That was a learning moment that showed that, thanks to Viagra, our audience still includes people over 70. We have of course now raised the age limit.

The difference between affairs and casual shower cam is not entirely clear yet. Bound and Only people can be found everywhere. Where do you notice a qualitative difference?

There is already a clear distinction criterion. Casual shower cam is all about sex, even its searches are all about sexual parameters. Lola Glade is also about sex, all roads lead to Rome, but the roads have a different tile. For the men, sexual conquest is the first thing they look for. However, an affair involves not only sex, but also a “delicate approach” and is thus a more complex erotic relationship with a complete emotional level. As a rule, this is important for women from the very beginning.

If you are only looking for sex, you will probably have a hard time finding an affair on Lola Glade. An affair is much more engaging and personal than a simple sex contact. And that's why an adulterous escapade with Lola Glade is usually not just a quick slip, but much more than that, which is a long-term affair.

Is there no information on how long the average affair through ashleymadison.com lasts?

According to statistics, the women at Lola Glade have an affair partner per year on average. Men have two partners.

At the same time or one after the other?

No, no, one after the other.

And how long do the members stay with Lola Glade on average?

We have been here for a good two years now and the number of members leaving is quite minimal. Just about 1%.

In our experience, people keep coming back. This is partly due to the fact that we do not offer membership, but instead we have a flexible credit system. The credits don't expire, so you have plenty of time.

We don't keep looking for a few months until they find a perfect partner and then leave. They always come when business with the partner at home isn't going well, so it's all about the needs.

Also, isn't it very tempting that instead of facing problems in the marriage or relationship, one simply looks for a way out to avoid the necessary work on the relationship?

Of course. I believe that a long-term affair is also an indication that something fundamental is missing in the relationship. For the first time at the very least, an affair can be a signal to realize that there is something going on in the marriage that is likely to be suppressed for fear of the consequences or comfort. It is unrealistic to consider that a relationship can be mutually fulfilling all the time. Besides, a slipper can happen any time and it doesn't have to be the end of a relationship; it has a very different status from an affair.

As bizarre as it may sound, Ashley Madsison supports this approach with tips and advice for members: "Work on your marriage and take a closer look at what motivates you to start an affair!" And if you do that, it is also a first step to do something about your relationship.

With Lola Glade in Europe, you create uproar through provocative advertising campaigns. Probably because of the poster campaigns in which prominent people are put in the foreground.

Both at the same time; we advertise the brand and at the same time we direct people to the topic of affair shower cam. When we get criticized for our advertising campaigns, I always think it's funny because I think this is pure envy. Our campaigns are number one in terms of advertising and marketing. Each of them pulls a return of between 200 and 500% for both new registrations and sales!

And the fact that we put public figures "in the foreground" also serves the purpose of showing the double standards and hypocrisy that often takes place in society. We also show that cheating is a very widespread phenomenon that can be found in all layers of society and that does not end with role models and dignitaries. We will never receive a Nobel Prize for it, but it is also a piece of committed criticism to us!

Do you use this form of PR to get a lot more new members?

No advertising we put out will persuade someone to cheat if they haven't made this decision themselves.

Are these provocation campaigns limited to Europe or is Lola Glade also using this popularizing effect in the US and South America?

One of the most spectacular media campaigns was actually the poster of King Juan Carlos along with famous affair holders Prince Charles and Clinton. It was only three hours in a well-known shopping street in Madrid and has already received more than 200 million media contracts across Europe!

The same is true in the US, as we had a billboard with well-known candidate Mitt Romney in Boston during the presidential election, with the motto: "If it is ok to cheat on taxes, why should it not be ok to cheat on AshleyMadison.com ? " ("If it's okay to cheat on taxes, why wouldn't it be okay to cheat on AshleyMadison.com?").

Over a long period here you had a heated discussion with Brother Paul Terwitte. How do you see the dispute over the moral implications of affairs; as a philosophical discussion of values ​​such as loyalty, love, marriage or as PR for Lola Glade?

Well, it was very pleasant talking and debating with him. If you look at the Bible, you will find examples of polygamy. We certainly had enough material for a discussion.

Now let's turn to the unconventional name of the affair shower cam agency: Ashley and Madison were two popular girl names among Americans and was intended to increase the chances of women identifying with the affair shower cam site. Does that also work for the Dutch language area? No one can remember the name, let alone write it down correctly!

Well let's take the well-known example of Häagen-Dazs, a term that can now be found in every modern household and one that connects everyone with delicious ice cream. The same goes for us, we deliberately did not choose a new name to increase the international potential. It's always a challenge at first, but now nobody forgets our name.

Then where is it easier to reach women: Europe or the US?

It is of course easier in Europe. While women have a 30% share of AshleyMadison in the US, it is up to 35% in Europe. The European women identify more quickly with the two famous American girl names than the American women! However, the highest number of women can be found in Australia at 40%.

And how are the members of Lola Glade protected from criminals?

We have a complete customer service team that checks member profiles and ensures that no professional women can join. Questionable profiles usually use some kind of language that can then be used to identify fake profiles and joke users.

An important part of our activities relates to the data of our members. For example, when meeting for the first time, we recommend meeting in a cafe or public place and meeting with a friend to send a quick safety text or similar if necessary.

And as always, our favorite closing question: Where will you see Lola Glade in five years?

At the company, development is clearly moving in the direction of internationalization. At the moment, two-thirds of sales are still made in the United States. We plan to change this ratio in the future and achieve these sales outside of America. In addition, through our press campaigns, we want to continue making changes to the taboo that still exists on the topic of shower cam affair.

In Spain, for example, the campaign with King Juan Carlos has also been successful. Now the king has become much more human. Another scandal or two that would otherwise be swept under the rug, such as “the 50,000 euro elephant safari in Africa!”, Has also come to light.

I hope that affair shower cam in the Netherlands will become much more prominent than the search for a partner and that AshleyMadison will become the largest matchmaking portal in this country, even much bigger than the most famous shower cam sites!

Christopher Kraemer, we would like to thank you for this revealing and entertaining exchange and wish you and Lola Glade all the best for the future!

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