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A question about the optimal choice when looking for a partner online:
Get married up or down?

Both female and male singles are increasingly looking for a partner who has a certain social status on the internet. Would women in online shower cam only want to meet men to "get married up"? And what about men?

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Perhaps a partnership on a similar social level, at the same eye level, as it were, would be desirable? Well, everyone has to decide for themselves ...

In fact, you don't have to be a sociologist or mathematician to determine this:

If we assume that women "in principle" try to get married "up", then this should become more difficult as more and more women themselves have a high social status and an excellent income.

Partner choice researchers then find this and then that - but basically they are almost unanimous in the view that marriage is best (and most) at "eye level."

So: if one wants to get married at social eye level and women increasingly achieve a better social status on their own, the fewer men are available, the more highly educated women are. So there is a lack of social equality.

Now it gets even worse: the women who actually orient themselves "basically upwards", ie want to "marry upwards", are not getting any less: they therefore compete for the same potential of men as the "eye-level seekers". .

On top of that are those who are not looking for marriage at all, but just want to take advantage of the social status or the amount of money these remaining men have. If all this were the case, then a traffic jam would actually form now:

Access to the successful men would be completely blocked because all women are hanging around them. However, what is it like in reality? We know that in the meantime some women have been “married down” - this is not that new. Even in the bourgeoisie the socially weaker son-in-law was often ordered to "get married" - the dear daughter was then simply the revolving door for the company. But now we have a different time - and 40 years after the first flare-up of the new women's movement, our women should be able to make smarter decisions than worry about the shit of “marrying down” - or not?

How does she actually feel about that? Would you "get married" down the "social ladder"? Or do you not care at all?

Note: We quote this scientific statement from the Frankenpost:

“In principle, women orient themselves upwards: they are looking for a partner who has a better education than themselves. And they prefer men older than themselves ”.


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