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A Photo says more than 1,000 words
- sometimes

Statistics show that personals with photo are read 8 TIMES more often than those without photos!

You don't have to forgo a photo! But please don't just take one! In this article we explain how you present yourself positively.

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A lot of singles flirting on the internet think, "Oh you, in this world with all those incredibly beautiful people that I see every day in magazines, on billboards, or on television, I can never keep up. and try without a photo. ”

Nonsense! Consider the following:

  • Most of the actors and models that you are bombarded with on a daily basis have never been seen unpainted and untouched. With a little sensitivity and modern technology you can turn the ugliest duckling into a top model.
  • Don't think you are too old, too ugly, too fat or anything! Who knows in advance what appeals to the reader of your ad? Perhaps someone is just discovering in your face that "certain something" that he has always been looking for.

Most people don't look like Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts. So what? You don't have to hide! Present yourself with a good photo that makes you look good. Nevertheless, you should lend a hand to stand out from the mass of dilettante recordings that come across online shower cam websites.

We will show you how to achieve this on the basis of examples. As basic equipment you need:

  • A digital camera, a scanner (for old photos) or previously digitized photos of yourself
  • Software that allows you to enlarge, reduce, cut to size and edit digital photos.
  • A little bit of time and patience formatting your photo personal ad.

A Picture says more than 1,000 words:
1. The motif of your photo personal ad

If you're starting "from scratch", so to speak, so don't have a usable photo of yourself on the computer yet, plan a few tries until you get a good shot.

When choosing the motif, please note the following instructions, which we will explain to you using the most common mistakes:

Choose a motif from everyday life or during your free time!

Are you applying for a job at an insurance company or something?

This photo is absolutely too formal! Tie and shirt gone - that's how you look like a workoholic or a boring middle-class man.

Better: take a looser motif, eg from the pub or at least in different clothing.

Your head must be in the center!

Sporty, sporty - but what do you look like now?

In this case you can actually omit the head completely, because your face cannot be recognized at all.

Better: remove the unnecessary parts of the image!


How unfriendly!

A friendly expression arouses sympathy. If you look grim, it is not very beneficial.

Better: laugh! Show your teeth! Cheese!

Consider the background!

Keep nice rotary clothes dryers behind the door!

These kinds of photos are fair, because they reveal a lot about your living environment - but unfortunately you do not end up particularly cheaply ...

Just one person!

Nice people - but who are you?

You want to present YOURSELF, don't you? Other people have no business in the photo!

No collages!

Are you an artist? Then indulge yourself somewhere else!

First, foolish frames are out of the question. Many shower cam websites do not release such images.

Second, you are wasting space. If the image is displayed reduced in the search results, you are no longer recognizable.

No alienation!

What does that represent?

Singles want to get to know you and not judge your inept efforts with photo editing software.

So don't devote yourself to such trivialities!

Not a funny comic screenshot!

Picture 6 - place!

Better if nothing at all? No, worse! Women often like to use such comical pictures. Do you believe there is any man in the world who likes something like that?

No nude photo!

This photo will never be released!

For legal reasons alone, shower cam websites check each photo individually before it is released and visible to others. Nude photos will be deleted!

Exception: Sex Dating Sites.

A Picture says more than 1,000 words:
2. Technical aspects for photo personals

Now it's a matter of editing your most amazing photo so that it will show up optimally later in the photo personal ad:

Keep an eye on aspect ratio!

Often the shower cam websites prescribe a certain height and width ratio or a certain image format, eg 120 x 180 points

The photo you take will be automatically resized to this size to fit the layout. If you are not careful you will be completely squashed!

Correct contrast, brightness and sharpness!

Your image is too blurry, too dark or too light? If it is not too bad, it can be easily corrected with the photo editing software.

Just try a little bit until you find the optimal settings.

Adjust the file size!

Some shower cam websites have an upper limit on the file size of your photo, eg 50 Kilobytes.

Save your image in JPG format. That saves quite a lot of Kilobytes, our example shows!

  • left BMP file: 24 Kilobyte
  • right JPG file: 3 Kilobyte

At many shower cam websites you can now enter multiple photos and huge so-called XXL photos. But don't stuff it with a pile of nonsensical snapshots! What counts: Quality instead of quantity. Think of those poor singles who have to download all that!

A Picture says more than 1,000 words:
3. Some good examples

Now we've been telling you all the time about the awkward things you can do about the photo in your photo personals if you're not paying attention.

But everyone can go on and on - that's why we want to show you a few relatively successful examples for personals photos. Then you might be somehow inspiring to include in your own photo session.


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