The best shower cam sites in the Netherlands 2021

Note, deception:
Do not be cheated by cheating!

Our tests and submissions from enthusiastic users brought to light: there really are a few under-functioning agencies that deal with cheating and additional relationships.

But when it comes to mediating erotic adventures, cheaters and crooks also run into the virtual gate. Read in this article how you can protect yourself!

The best online relationship brokerage

The fact that the virtual gates that the cheaters of casual daters have envisioned are often still wide open, because of the fact that for many male internet users all protection mechanisms are deactivated as soon as large breasts and more are exhibited at an additional relationship site.

Empty promises such as "absolutely free", "almost only female announcements" and "unpack in 5 minutes" are then quickly taken for granted. And before you know it, you are trapped.

Here are just some of the most common tricks that people try to fool you with in the casual shower cam scene:

1. Misuse of credit cards

The internet site for the additional relationship looks professional, the registration procedure is a bit loveless, but functions flawlessly. You may be surprised that you can only pay by credit card and that the number of the credit card is entered through a money institution unknown to you (not eg CCBILL, which you can trust). A little later you are in trouble:

  • The proposals for contact turn out to be cheap fakes.
  • You want to file an appeal, but unfortunately the casual shower cam agency is located in the Kyrgyz Republic and is not responding to your email.
  • Although you have only ordered a trial membership for four weeks, monthly contributions will be debited from your card until St. Juttemis.
  • If you are lucky, at least you will not be shopping abroad at your expense ...

In this case, only one thing helps: blocking an old credit card and arranging a new one. And next time choose an agency for additional relations, where you can pay by bank transfer. These payments can be reversed in the event of an emergency.

2. Premium SMS and women with expensive phone numbers

What you know from the television commercial at night ("Sex partner from your hometown. Send an SMS with" Fuck "to 0900!") Is also widely distributed on the Internet.

There are now whole portals on which you will find hundreds of announcements from ladies who are willing to take a side-step.

However: these ladies "unfortunately do not know how to use a computer" or "are not allowed to use the internet at work." reach you for 1.99 $ or under 0900 or 0906 numbers.

These ladies are not real! They are played by professional animators who want to earn money from you.

3. The prostitute's trick

Everything seems to be running smoothly. Immediately you will get in touch with the up to a slipper - willing women who offer you an unsolicited photo in an unambiguous-dubious pose. That's class! You immediately make a date with one of the ladies, everything goes very quickly ...

However, just as quickly the sobering occurs when you notice that you have met a professional woman.

4. The auto dialer with an insanely expensive telephone connection

"Download this free software and you will have direct access to our online database of slipper makers in your area!"

If you do not immediately click away windows with such messages, you should not be surprised that your next telephone bill will be a few hundred euros higher.

This is because a so-called "auto dialer" is often installed at your place, which logs into the Internet unnoticed via a very expensive telephone number.

Fortunately: Autodialers are used less and less as the market for them has declined drastically. Between 2004 and 2006, the Netherlands switched en masse to broadband internet. In 2009, 75.9% has a broadband connection. Broadband internet no longer requires a modem that dials into the analogue telephone network. This makes automatically installed dialers unusable.

There are many black sheep in the complementary relationship scene, but not all mediators are frauds. According to a study in the magazine "WOMEN", one in five married women between the ages of 25 and 35 search online for a new lover.

That provides enough potential for an honest casual shower cam broker, who will actually show a high female share and not cheat you.

If you prefer to search for a provider on your own, you must pay attention to the following instructions. Thoroughly test the casual shower cam intermediaries that you are recommended or come across against the following criteria:

  • No porn pictures
    Is the website in question free of pornographic images and terms? That should be an absolute basic requirement, because you do not believe that otherwise an otherwise even slightly half normal woman would appear there. And for the women: what type of men do you think you will find there?
  • No porn banners
    Likewise, the site should not feature pornographic breathtaking advertising banners! Good casual shower cam agencies don't allow such advertising because they know how deterrent it works.
  • Realistic women's share
    Does the casual shower cam broker advertise with a female share of over 50%? That is a lie. The best reach around 40%.
    Here too the following applies: cheaters at work, continue to search immediately!
  • Transparent costs and general sales conditions
    Is there a direct link to the prices on the homepage? The costs that come to you are displayed in a transparent manner. The same applies to the general sales conditions.
  • Commercial address in the Netherlands
    Very important: check the publication data of the website.
    Is the casual shower cam broker agency located in the Netherlands?
    If not: have fun with later annoyances!
  • Support by phone and e-mail
    Does the casual shower cam desk naturally provide support by e-mail or at fixed times by telephone?

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