A dramatic week in the UK

Suella Braverman’s language is under intense scrutiny.

London: The Bank of England has been vandalized with paint by a group called ‘Just Stop Oil’. The next day, the BoE’s monetary policy committee voted by a 7-2 majority to raise interest rates to 3%. Raising interest rates is the BoE’s best way of bringing down inflation.
There’s no such thing as drama to replace drama and that could be true in the UK this week. Suella Braverman’s profile goes wild through sound bites and headlines, whether it’s being tough on illegal asylum seekers or legitimate Indian immigrants or overcrowding in asylum centers. Braverman’s language is under scrutiny, as are overall net migration figures and the time the UK takes to process applications.
Suddenly, participation in COP27 in Egypt became the topic of the day. Previously, King Charles had been advised not to go through former Prime Minister Liz Truss and then allegedly Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This surprised many as the King has been on the side of the environment since 1970. Sunak himself initially refused to go, but former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is determined to go; then the King decided to organize a spontaneous reception for 200 international guests at Buckingham Palace to discuss what had been achieved since COP26; Sunak and US climate envoy John Kerry are listed as present.
As European leaders, Scholz and Meloni have all confirmed their presence in Sharm el Sheik, as has Sunak, in what is seen as a fourth U-turn in his premiership; he reintroduced the ban on hydraulic fracturing in the UK, dropped the £10 penalty for missing a doctor’s appointment, and Sunak is also considering postponing the bill on retained EU legislation, if the laws covering 2,400 pieces of legislation are not changed or amended. The current deadline of 100 days for completion in 21 departments is considered too rushed and risky.
The prime minister is also carrying out an “all-round” review of promises he made over the summer as part of his leadership campaign. In the meantime, it keeps the promises of the 2019 Manifesto.

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