A “treasure” of memories discovered at the Theater Royal in Nottingham

The Theater Royal Nottingham was delighted to recently receive a collection of memorabilia including newspaper clippings, theater posters and promotional material dating back decades.

The articles also have a special connection to the Nottingham Post as they were donated by the family of Emrys Bryson, Nottingham Post theater critic for 38 years from 1954 to 1992.

Not only does the collection offer a nostalgic look at the theater’s bygone years, but it also brings the look and feel of the theater to life before a major overhaul in the ’70s, as it includes curtains and seating.

Georgina Donohue, Heritage Officer at the Theater Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham, expressed her gratitude and thanks for the donation.

She said: “It truly is a treasure trove of newspaper clippings, articles, theater posters and publicity material from a key period in our history in the mid-20th century.

Emrys Bryson was a theater critic for the Nottingham Post from 1954 to 1992. His family donated a collection of his works to the Theater Royal Archives.

“They are of immense interest to our work of documenting and understanding the heritage of our site.

“We were particularly fascinated to find a sample of curtain fringes, seating materials and a seat number from before the major renovation of the Theater Royal in 1978, when the interior was red instead of its green and gold decor. current.”

Other items include a Cinderella poster and a large collection of clippings from Emrys Bryson’s theater critics.

A volunteer from the venue’s heritage project will be responsible for cataloging this theatrical material, with a view to digitizing as much as possible to be visible via the online archive at www.ourtheatreroyal.org.

With funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the venue is also beginning to delve into the history of the Royal Concert Hall as it approaches its 40th anniversary in 2022, as well as strengthening its schools and outreach programs.

Anyone with stories or artifacts to contribute to the ongoing Theater Royal and Royal Concert Hall archival project can contact [email protected] for more information.

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