Above the Felt Entertainment launches with Moneymaker, Kerstetter, Elias & Berkey

For years, Poker Royalty was pretty much the only agency representing poker players. Now experiential talent and new-age marketing agency Above the Felt Entertainment joins the mix to deliver poker personalities and influencers to elevate events, businesses and more through innovative partnerships.

The new company, which was launched on March 1, will be led by Tom Wheatonwho is already known in the industry as the founder and CEO of Faded Spade, a growing playing card company.

Above the Felt Entertainment begins with four recognizable names within its ranks – Chris Moneymaker, Jamie Kerstetter, Darren Eliasand Matt Berkey.

The agency aims to connect poker players, fans and businesses across all industries.

“I’ve known Tom for many years from Faded Spade and I’m very impressed with the company he’s built,” said Moneymaker, who recently left a sponsorship with PokerStars. “As a person, I can’t wait to see what he does in this space with Above the Felt. The poker community has so much to offer, and I’m excited to be working with Tom and the team at Above the Felt. Felt to extend the reach of poker to businesses around the world.

Kerstetter, who was featured on Sunday as a commentator for ESPN’s World Series of Poker episodes, added, “I’m drawn to Above the Felt because the people involved are top-notch and I’m thrilled to work with them, I believe Above the Felt can help those of us in the community expand our reach and grow the game.”

Tom Wheaton
Founder Tom Wheaton

Elias and Berkey offer their thoughts

Arguably one of the most recognizable names on the World Poker Tour, four-time champion Darren Elias shared his thoughts on the launch.

“Above the Felt aims to connect poker players with fans, casinos and businesses globally,” he said. “As a player, I’ve always been open to these kinds of opportunities, but I’ve never put the time or effort into pursuing them. I believe Above the Felt have assembled a great team and can creating mutually beneficial relationships between players and brands for years to come.

Similarly, Berkey, founder of Solve for Why Poker Training Academy echoes these sentiments:

“We recognize that there is an opportunity for the poker community to greatly benefit businesses in and out of our industry.”

“Poker is a young industry with very little commercial coordination or collaboration. Currently, there are very few third parties with the best interest of the players in mind. Tom and the team at Above the Felt help market actors and cultivate business relationships that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Above the Felt will seek marketing and entertainment opportunities for players and poker as a whole.

“I’m thrilled to work with such incredible talent,” said Wheaton, who has nearly two decades of corporate marketing and partnering expertise. “We recognize that there is an opportunity for the poker community to greatly benefit businesses in our industry through strategic partnerships, creative marketing services, unforgettable experiences, and more.”

For more information, visit AboveTheFelt.com.

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