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After being broadcast live before Valentine’s Day, Theater in the Country (TIC) brings back David French’s Canadian classic, Salt water moon, this time on stage – and starring a young actor from Pitt Meadows.

This production tells the heart-wrenching but hopeful tale of young lovers, Jacob Mercer (played by local Tyler Boe) and Mary Snow (played by Hannah Everett), who have a night to decide their futures and see if they can relearn to trust each other. .

This play was broadcast live from the TIC stage in Langley in February, but with the restrictions lifted and very little live theater yet to be done, Park thought they should perform it in front of a live audience “at her. up, ”the artist said. director Reg Park.

It’s been 17 months since either of them took to a stage with a crowd in the seats, Park added. “It’s exciting, scary and long overdue for them.”

TIC has been eagerly awaiting the moment when they could present live theater to a larger audience, and they anticipate a large crowd for this show – the first live production in nine months, Park said.

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With very few theaters in operation at the moment, he hopes people will be eager to return to the air-conditioned theater and enjoy a shared entertainment experience, Park said.

The show features the two promising performers who both pursue careers in theater and film. And Boe and Everett are relishing the idea of ​​putting the show on in front of a live audience this week.

Boe, a 20-year-old Pitt Meadows resident born and raised, echoed the level of excitement of being back on stage in front of a live audience, acknowledging that “the worst part of doing Salt-Water Moon the first time around, live, was the lack of audience, nothing to do, no reactions to feed.

Boe is no stranger to the scene. He started at TIC six years ago working on the sets and setting up the theater – and, of course, playing.

But his days in the theater actually go back much further than that, his mother, Shelley, signed him up to the Xtreme Theater in Maple Ridge at the age of six and played the role of Bowl in their production of The Beauty and the Beast.

He continued to do theater with Xtreme for about seven years, playing roles like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland and Charlie in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

“As I got older I started to enjoy theater, and in particular musical theater, more and more I got involved in many community theater companies, SPECCtacular Productions, Emerald Pig, Bard on the Bandstand, Align Entertainment, and of course, the most important Theater in the country, ”said Boe.

“My whole family is very theater-oriented,” noting that he would do shows with one or both of his older brothers. And the family bond did not end there. Mom usually worked backstage on the costumes.

“Until COVID, he also trained in acting, singing and dancing with Lindbjerg Academy for three years, participating in an annual youth music production with roles like Usnavi in ​​In the Heights and Captain Smith. in Titanic – the Musical.

“I have not had any formal post-secondary training to act or perform, relying mainly on a great deal of experience having been to 25 different shows over the past 14 years, sometimes repeating up to three different productions at a time,” he said. he said. .

Speaking of rehearsals, he explained how rehearsals for Salt-Water Moon began in January. They only had a month before they put the live-streamed version, shared the now part-time actor and part-time welder and maker.

Before embarking on this production, he admitted that he had never heard of Salt-Water Moon – reading the script for the first time before auditioning.

“Although my main focus has always been musical theater, Salt-Water has been an equally amazing experience, if not more! With an amazing acting partner, director and production crew behind the scenes, this has been one of my favorite acting experiences to date, even with the ups and downs of COVID, ”he said. it shared with The News.

When they started rehearsals, he made the decision to merge his social bubble with Hannah’s “so that he could put on the most real show possible.” Now, four months later, we get some exciting news from Reg that we’re going to be able to put the show together for a live audience. And now, with two weeks of rehearsal to come back to it, we can’t wait to be in front of this audience. “

Salt water moon will perform July 15-24 for seven shows. Livestream tickets are also available for those not ready or unable to attend. Tickets can be purchased at or call 604-259-9737.

“This show will take you through a hot summer night in Newfoundland with Jacob and Mary, Jolly Songs, telling dramatic stories and heartbreaking moments of silence,” Boe said, encouraging theatergoers to check it out. .


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