Andrew and Cameron Daddo team up for new Nova podcast

Nova Entertainment and the Daddos have teamed up to take you behind the curtain with the new podcast So you want to do a TV show.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite TV shows are made? The shows you binge on in one sitting? So you wanna do a TV show is a new Nova podcast that takes you behind the curtain of the creative process, showing you exactly what it takes to go from a blank sheet of paper to someone screaming ‘action’.

Launch April 6, Andrew and cameron dad will create their first-ever TV show by enlisting industry heavyweights, including an Emmy nominee and a Golden Globe winner, to help bring their vision to life. This series is a look at the work that goes into creating the “magic” of television.

The Daddo brothers have carved out a career as a successful actor and presenter since bursting onto our screens in the 80s. Andrew Daddo has had a crack in just about every aspect of the entertainment industry, from television and from radio to podcasts, writing 28 books for kids of all ages — and even playing (forgettable). So you wanna do a TV show testifies to it.

Andrew said: “I think we’ve all had that moment where we thought we’d found something brilliant, and within minutes or hours you quit because of the pitfalls and the holes in the logic. What I love about this podcast is that Cam and I managed to hold on while being adrift, somehow managing to do something fun, but also quite insightful . It’s proof that the team is bigger than the individual. Our simple idea was the first step – the foundations if you will, then everyone added their pieces…together we seem to have filled in a few of those holes and the house we’ve built looks quite nice. Ordinary, but pleasant.

Cameron Daddo rose to prominence as the host of the dating show Perfect Match Australia and when he met his wife now, model Alison Brahe, they have become Australia’s golden couple. With two TV Week Logie Awards to her name and as her TV, film and stage careers took off, Cameron and Alison decided to try their luck in Los Angeles. Over the next 25 years, Cameron appeared in countless high-profile television shows and movies. Upon returning to Australia in 2017, he joined smoothfm as an evening announcer and continues to be seen on stage, on TV and performing his own music. He also gained a loyal following by hosting the popular podcast Separate bathrooms alongside his wife Alison.

Cameron said: “I’m always curious what would happen if in life. Andrew and I got on the verge of a creative idea. What if we sat down with a blank sheet of paper in front of us with the intention of creating our own TV show or movie? What if we recorded the conversations? We’re both creative beings, we’re brothers and we enjoy each other’s company, but we’ve never worked together. We’re both deep in the world of podcasts, so why not dive into the world of creating an original TV show? Nova’s podcasting team is innovative, creative and was willing to take a chance, so it was perfect.

Rachel Corbett, Head of Podcasts and Digital Content at Nova Entertainment, said, “There is so much conversation, brainstorming and rejection that takes place before a TV series hits your screens and we wanted to give people people an understanding of this process. The Daddo Brothers have had a huge background in all forms of media, but they’ve never done a TV show, so we wanted to follow them and see if we could actually go from a blank sheet of paper to a concept full-fledged television show in less than ten episodes.

So You Want To Make A TV Show is an original Nova podcast launching Wednesday, April 6, with a new episode available every Wednesday. The podcast is available here, on the Nova Player, or wherever you access your podcasts.

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