Theater Latte Da’s production of Merrily We Roll Along is currently playing at the Ritz Theater until November 6.

Ann Morrison, the original Mary Flynn in MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG on Broadway, will be at the Ritz Theater to lead our post-show discussion following the matinee performance this Sunday, October 30!

We chat with Ann about her production visit and chat afterwards.

What are you waiting for to see the Latte Da Theater production of Merrily We Roll Along at the Ritz Theatre?

I’m so thrilled to see Peter Rothstein’s vision of Merrily We Roll Along. Peter graciously invited me to participate in an online roundtable with some of us connected to the 1981 Broadway production of Merrily We Roll Along a few weeks ago and when he described his vision I burst saying that I would like to be part of the public. I have seen many productions of Merrily over the years and find it interesting to see how it has been performed by different companies. I also like to invite actors who play the role of Mary Fynn in my Mary Flynn Club. It’s something I’ve been doing since the first review at La Jolla Playhouse with Heather MacRae. I am so grateful for the invitation of the Latte Da Theater to come and play.

What do you hope attendees take away from the post-show discussion you lead?

I hope the post-show chat audience will be curious about the origin of the original musical version of Merrily We Roll Along and have fun hearing about the perspectives at the time after seeing the version that ‘they just live with Theater Latte Da. I always like when the past and the present embrace each other.

I just finished the workshop for my new solo play called Merrily From Center Stage on my memories of the 1981 production as Mary Flynn, but mostly focused on the 6 week preview period. I’m having such a great time revisiting the songs from that particular production, especially the songs that were only on that production. I first presented the piece at 54 Below in New York. I hope to bring it across the country and overseas starting this spring.

Have you been to Minnesota before Favorite Places in Minnesota?

Yes, I have been to Minneapolis many times and love the Twin Cites theater scene.

Last time I was in Minneapolis, I played Meg Boyd in the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts production of Damn Yankees directed by old friend James A Rocco.

My favorite places are with the people I was with at the time. I love seeing Minneapolis through their eyes.

Thank you Ann for your time, we look forward to having you here in Minneapolis!

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Photo by Sorcha Augustin

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