Army Expo Trailer Shows Students Medical Career Opportunities | Every day

US Army recruiters visiting Central High School recently brought an exhibit trailer to showcase the various medical career opportunities available in the military.

The school is home to the Shenandoah County Public Schools Academy of Biomedical Sciences, and Thursday’s trailer showed students in that program different career options in the medical/healthcare field. Army recruiters visit the school twice a month, but this was the first visit by a medical caravan.

Melissa Marston is the lead teacher at the Academy of Biomedical Sciences and said the exhibit was a great opportunity for students to learn about the different opportunities related to their studies.

“Students at the academy of biomedical sciences are mostly interested in healthcare professions, so it shows them the opportunities available to them, whether they choose to join the military or if they want to go in college,” she said.

Screens in the trailer included a virtual reality simulation allowing people to look at the anatomy of a skeleton, an advanced training dummy that talks and moves to simulate injuries, and videos highlighting medical technology innovative in the military. The purpose of the exhibit is to highlight patient care, research, and medical education in the military.

Matson said the exhibits let students “see that there’s more to the military and the military than just being in the field and shooting other people.”

sergeant. 1st Class Stanley Griggs said the military offers many medical jobs that some may not be aware of.

“We travel all over the country and talk to high school and college students about medical careers in the military,” Griggs said. “Our goal is to be able to open people’s eyes to more than just shoot them.”

Staff Sgt. Charles Carr explained that there are many misconceptions and opinions about the military regarding the guaranteed benefits with service.

“Everyone thinks it’s a plan B, but the fact is we have so many different jobs where you get tuition, you get leadership experience and hands-on training,” Carr said. “It gives us the chance to talk to students in a more intimate setting, who wouldn’t usually come to see us, and they can do practical things in the exhibit, which might pique their interest.”

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