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Photo courtesy of Gogebic Community College’s Calumet Theater Company Board Chairman Dan Jamison responded to a story that first appeared on on Friday about the theater’s cancellation of the concert on Friday. Joe Nichols.

CALUMET – Rumors started circulating this week that a factor contributing to the cancellation of Joe Nichols’ November 5 concert at the Calumet Theater is the structural failure of the theater building.

TV6 News said on October 13 that this outlet had received images suggesting that a roof leak could be a factor contributing to the cancellation.

“Cited on several images, the tarpaulins direct water leaks in the theater to a trash can” indicates the report.

Jacob Mihelich, theater member and volunteer, responded to allegations by Friends of the Calumet Theater, on a popular social media platform.

“The theater has had a roof that has been leaking for many years; this is one of the many challenges linked to the preservation of a 121-year-old building ”, he stated. “Leaks are especially present above the stage and the vault of the theater. In order to preserve the arch, there is a series of tarpaulins which pass over the arch and channel the water into trash cans, which are emptied.

Calumet Theater Company President Dan Jamison also addressed the leaks which are mostly above the proscenium arch and stage.

Jamison said he used a PowerPoint presentation he created to communicate to his board of directors, as well as the new village director, who he walked around and inspected the building every other day, and more often. during periods of rain.

“I entered the (last) weekend with a garden hose, I siphoned everything”, he said. “And I will keep looking.”

In the meantime, he added, it will continue to do its job and UP engineers and architects will continue to inspect and monitor the building to prioritize future projects.

These tarp systems and trash cans are not visible from the auditorium or from the stage, Mihelich said. Only a volunteer with special access or staff will ever know they are there.

“They in no way affect the experience of a theater visitor, whether that visitor is in the audience or on stage” he stated.

Jamison recently performed an inspection of the theater building with engineers from UP Architects and Engineers, and issues were noted, including the “water leak throughout the theater.”

“It’s just regular crying from the building”, he said, “and it had nothing to do with Joe Nichols.”

Calumet Theater Company treasurer Michele Southerland said the concert cancellation was a matter of financial common sense and nothing more.

“Because the concerts just before and just after Calumet’s were also canceled” she said, “It didn’t make economic sense for them to come here. We’re in a very remote place, hard to find, and that worked against us in this case. “

Additionally, the cancellation does not rule out Nichols coming to the Calumet Theater in the future, according to his booking company, which said:

“We really want to get to Calumet, we’ll play Calumet as soon as we can get there, but at the moment we just aren’t able to get there on November 5th. We are very sorry to have to cancel this date.

Southerland also raised the rumor that the cancellation was linked to the roof of the theater. While it is true that there are a lot of leaks in the theater, that was not a factor in the decision to cancel the show, she said.

“We have carried out some inspections and are working on solutions to the problem”, she said in reference to inspections by architects and engineers at the UP. “Once we are able to implement them, we will be sure to announce what has been done. “

The Calumet Theater “Not only works to refund your tickets, but will go the extra mile to catch up with our customers”,. Jamison said in a statement. “We will refund all tickets sold for this event. We plan to have reimbursement checks pre-printed as quickly as our accountant can handle, for all ticket holders. We will announce when these will be available for mail or pickup at our box office. We are committed to making this happen within the next two weeks. “

Jamison went on to say: “The Calumet Theater, in thanks to the patrons who were kind enough to wait a long time for this event, and in the spirit of”the show must continue,“Will present a concert with our first part, Chad Borgen and the Collective, as scheduled on November 5th. This event will be free for all former ticket holders, who will receive tickets for this concert in addition to their full refund. “

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