Carpenters Gold arrives at the Wyllyotts Theater at Potters Bar

17:40 10 April 2022

Music from chart-topping duo The Carpenters arrives at Potters Bar.

Created and produced by West End director and performer Vikki Holland-Bowyer, with partner Greg Stevenson, the magnificent stage show Carpenters Gold is coming to town.

With the greatest hits of Close to you and We’ve only just begun duo, you can catch the show at the Wyllyotts Theatre, off Darkes Lane, on Friday, April 22.

Carpenters Gold brings to life both the great look and sound of The Carpenters’ many worldwide performances and television appearances, including Live at The London Palladium, Talk of the Town and their 1974 Japan tour.

International and West End singer Vikki promises a fast-paced production that accurately portrays not only the musical brilliance of The Carpenters, but also the infectious magnetism of Richard and Karen Carpenter.

“As well as paying meticulous attention to Karen’s mannerisms,” says Vikki, “we are also keen to faithfully recreate the couple’s brother/sister relationship and their playful interaction with the band and audience that was a hallmark of their concerts.

Richard Carpenter, played by musical arranger, singer and producer Greg Stevenson, plays piano alongside a band joined on drums by Karen, just as the Carpenters would have performed in concert.

“Carpenters Gold is the only production that fully recreates a live Carpenters concert,” says Vikki, “even down to the authentically kitsch 70s stage costumes!”

“One enthusiastic reviewer commented that ‘you could almost see the static from the Nylon,'” laughs Vikki.

Carpenters Gold arrives at the Wyllyotts Theater in Potters Bar.
– Credit: Provided by SJB Marketing

All of the Carpenters greatest hits are featured, including Goodbye to love, Close to you, Lonely, We’ve only just begun, Top of the world, Yesterday once again, Superstar, Please Mr postman, For all we know, Only yesterday and much more.

“When we were young, we listened to the radio, waiting for our favorite songs – now we can listen to them live, performed as they would have been performed by the Carpenters in their heyday,” promises Vikki.

Carpenters Gold will be at the Wyllyotts Theater on Friday, April 22 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost £23.50 and are available at

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