Central Warehouse Owner Files Lawsuit Against Albany County

The central warehouse owner filed a $1.5 million federal lawsuit against the county last week, claiming his due process rights were violated.

This is the second lawsuit Blum has filed against the county this year, alleging the county failed to follow proper steps as it tried to seize the 11-story warehouse through a tax foreclosure. earlier this year.

Blum’s attorney alleges that the county’s chief financial officer failed to file a certificate of reinstatement in the property registry, as required by state law. That meant Blum was never properly notified that the county was seeking to seize his property as part of foreclosure proceedings, the lawsuit says.

A county attorney said the county did not receive a trial on Monday.

Blum seeks $500,000 in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages. He has owned the property since August 2017 and owes over $550,000 in outstanding property taxes.

A hearing is scheduled for August.

Blum also has a pending lawsuit filed in the Albany State Supreme Court that makes similar allegations to his federal lawsuit that the county committed procedural missteps as it sought to repossess the property.

If the county is successful in seizing Blum’s property, it intends to transfer the building for $50,000 to CW Skyway, a redevelopment company controlled by Redburn Development and Columbia Development.

Developers have planned a large-scale redevelopment that includes apartments, retail and commercial space. Full plans have not been released, but they said they intended to seek public funding to help with the project.

In addition to two lawsuits, Blum twice filed for bankruptcy in an attempt to retain control of the property. His first bankruptcy filing ended after a judge refused to approve his proposed plan to pay off property tax debts. A second bankruptcy filing was rejected earlier this year.

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