China’s surveillance of overseas Uyghur relatives exposed in bid to gag Swedish settler

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), led by Xi Jinping, continues to suppress and exploit Uyghur Muslims in the country, he has stepped forward and designed a new social media monitoring system to keep tabs on ethnic minority people stay abroad.

‘Stop your daughter from tweeting’: Chinese officials

Concerned about international opinion, the CCP started monitoring social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and WeChat, according to a CNN report. In a strange turn of events, Nyrola Elima, a Uighur living in Sweden, faced repressive action from Chinese authorities.

In September 2020, one of her relatives Mayila Yakufu was released from a Chinese internment camp based in Yining Detention Center and she contacted Yakufu via video call. “I didn’t recognize her at the very beginning because she was so pale. She looked so weak and she had short hair,” Elima said.

“She was terrified, she didn’t dare talk to me too much,” CNN reported. Elima (Nyrola) quickly passed the news on to Yakufu’s parents and sister who live in Australia. According to officials, Yakufu’s apparent crime was transferring savings to his parents in Australia, to help them buy a house.

But her freedom was short-lived as the next day Chinese authorities took her again, this time to Yining People’s Hospital in western Xinjiang. They said authorities did not give them a medical reason for her admission to hospital, but they did deliver a message to her aunt and uncle: ‘stop your daughter, Nyrola, from tweeting’, according to The report.

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A day after Elima’s interview with CNN in December, the family received more bad news. Authorities told them by phone that Mayila Yakufu had been taken from the hospital to the detention center in late November. The US State Department estimates that since 2017, up to two million Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other ethnic minorities may have passed through the camp system, which China calls vocational training centers meant to combat terrorism. ‘extremism.

China has consistently denied allegations of forced labor and other allegations of human rights abuses in the region, which is home to around 11 million Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic minority who speak a language closely related to Turkish and have its own distinct culture. Earlier this month, the United States blocked cotton imports from Xinjiang over forced labor concerns.

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