CHRONICLE: Five shows opening at community theaters in central Georgia

Alex Williams plays Patrick Starr and Bryan Avila is SpongeBob in

Alex Williams plays Patrick Starr and Bryan Avila is SpongeBob in Theater Macon’s “The SpongeBob Musical” which opens tonight. It’s one of many productions opening in central Georgia in July.

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July is a big month for community theater in Central Georgia with five different shows in Macon-Bibb, Houston and Monroe counties. Here is an overview:

Macon Theater opens “The SpongeBob Musical” today, the first time a production of the musical has been staged this side of Atlanta.

“It’s a truly immersive show for audiences,” said Richard Frazier, Macon Theater Artistic Director and show director. “From the moment people enter the theater they are under the sea and during the show there is a lot of audience participation and interaction. It’s a high-energy show, that’s for sure.

Frazier said the music is a conglomeration of new songs written especially for the musical by artists like Taylor Swift, Aerosmith, T.I., Yolanda Smith and more.

“The music is awesome and gives such a feeling of energy,” he said. “Then our cast of 27 does a fantastic job of bringing it all together. You just have to come and see it. »

Frazier said the show is best for adults and children aged five or older. “It’s a story for all ages, kids and adults, and it’s for people who love SpongeBob and people who don’t. It’s about finding your place in the world, believing in yourself and being happy with who you are while giving your best in everything you do.

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The Little Warner Robins Theater opens “Broadway Comes to WRLT – A Musical Revue” on July 15.

“The show is a collage of 13 Broadway shows that we put together with two or three songs from each show,” said its manager, Corey Dinkins. “We’ve taken shows like ‘Cats’, ‘A Chorus Line’ and ‘Hamilton’ with their great songs and other songs like ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ theme song, ‘Dream Girls’ and ‘Ease on Down the Road’ from ‘The Wiz’ to make for a really fun experience.”

Denkins said he has directed two musicals and performed in six plays with WRLT as well as Macon Little Theater productions over the years. He said he went from sports to acting nerd while at Northside High School and got involved in WRLT before graduating. He said the first production he was involved with at Northside was “Broadway Comes to NHS” so, being a lover of musical theatre, the WRLT production felt natural to him.

A special note about WRLT this season is that they are celebrating their 60th anniversary of bringing drama and musicals to the Warner Robins and Middle Georgia communities.

“It’s crazy to think WRLT has been at it for so long, but it’s true,” Denkins said. “In fact, it’s even more amazing to me that my aunt used to work in the barbeque that was in the building that’s now our theater on South Pleasant Hill Road. Not only are we celebrating our 60th anniversary, but we’re looking to the future with new projects and many expectations.

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Small Theater of Mâcon also begins production on July 15 and if you’re a fan of Reese Witherspoon’s “Legally Blonde” but want more singing and dancing, then MLT has you covered: “Legally Blonde the Musical”.

“I love this show and its series of great female characters,” said JP Haynie, artistic director of MLT. “I don’t think anyone has done the show here for 10 years or more, so now is a good time to bring it back.

“The musical takes a lot of inspiration from the movie but adds a lot of fun musical numbers. It’s rated slightly PG-13 because there are times when it’s a bit on the adult side with a bit of language — but really , nothing you wouldn’t see on a regular TV night We don’t ban kids, parents can decide.

Haynie said that Sylvia Haynie is the show director, Laura Voss is the musical director, and Jenny Morris is handling the choreography.

“These three have worked together on a major summer musical for years and are known for their success,” Haynie said.

Haynie said another opening night highlight is that season tickets will go on sale at the show for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

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Perry’s Players bring the tried-and-true musical “1776” to their theater stage on Main Street on July 21.

“It opened on Broadway in 1969 and I’ve wanted to do it for a long time,” said director Justin Carr. “It’s the story of the Declaration of Independence and everything leading up to it being signed and there’s a lot of things that people don’t realize. Most don’t know that it was almost unsigned due to a number of issues, but the biggest one was slavery.

“Some, like John Adams, didn’t want slavery at all, but others clearly wanted it. In many things there was strong disagreement and often a 50/50 split vote where Alexander Hamilton cast the deciding vote But the Founders needed a unanimous vote to approve the document and that meant painful compromises if they were to remount King George and England’s military might.There were arguments and physical fights throughout the division at the time – I don’t think people realize that – but they came to an agreement, much the same way we have to do today.

You may have noticed that Carr is a history buff. And, after his speech, he was quick to note that the play is fundamentally a comedy and a good one that takes the audience through a lot of emotions.

Carr, who came to Perry from Atlanta about 15 years ago, has been involved in vocal music and theater for years and was a co-founder of the Peach State Opera of Atlanta, a group that offers versions condensed from famous operas to communities large and small.

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Forsyth’s Backlot Players presents “Puffs” starting July 22 at their Rose Theater in downtown Forsyth.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this one’s for you. Otherwise, there is still plenty to entertain. “Puffs” is presented as a comic retelling of the Harry Potter saga from the perspective of the Puffs. The alternative title for “Puffs” is “Seven increasingly hectic years in a certain school of magic and magic”.

If none of this makes sense to you, read the books, see the play, or maybe ask almost anyone younger than you.

The New York Times said ‘Puffs’ is a ‘quick talk’ and Backlot makers write that, ‘For Potterphiliacs who grew up alongside Potter and are eager to revisit this world, ‘Puffs’ exudes a jovial bent. and blinking for all things Harry. And they say there’s at least a laugh a minute in the new take on Potter’s familiar and beloved book and film series.

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