Could Luke Skywalker Get His Own Star Wars Disney+ Series?

Luke Skywalker’s time at the center of the star wars galaxy doesn’t seem to be over yet. The role of the Jedi Knight has continued to expand ever since. The Mandalorian Season 2 finale, even appearing in Boba Fett’s Book Chapter 6.

His first appearance in The Mandalorian teased a bigger role in the future. Din Djarin tells Grogu that they will meet again just before the child is taken away by Luke, so if a reunion were to take place between the two, it seemed logical and fitting that Skywalker would also be there. While Djarin and Grogu don’t actually come face-to-face in Chapter 6, their story certainly doesn’t seem to end there, and the same can be said for Luke. Here’s why Luke Skywalker might be about to get his own Disney+ series.


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Technologically, it certainly seems like Lucasfilm has the potential to create a live-action series centered around a CG character. Lucasfilm and ILM used innovative new ways to bring a younger Luke back to live action, from The Mandalorian. As pointed out Disney Gallery: The making of The Mandalorian season 2 finalea deepfake technique was used to recreate Luke Skywalker’s face from the Return of the Jedi time. Mark Hamill filmed the scenes for the character, as did Max Lloyd-Jones.

The Mandalorian Star Wars Luke Skywalker

With deep forgeries popular among fans right now, using this technology to bring Luke back was more obvious to fans than recreating the character’s iconic voice. Sound designer Matthew Wood revealed in the documentary that they’ve uploaded thousands of hours of Mark Hamill’s speeches, in interviews and in star wars movies, to an algorithm that then produced Luke’s lines in The Mandalorian. Technology should also continue to improve, now making a project like a young Luke series possible.

Improve it, and that was even more evident in Chapter 6 of Boba Fett’s Book. In just over a year since Luke’s first CG appearance, the Jedi Knight is arguably even better looking than when he was first shown. There is more facial expression, emotion, and Luke is almost identical to his. Return of the Jedi appearance. It was almost like a 35-year-old Mark Hamil somehow came back and filmed scenes for this show. There are times when it’s hard to tell the technology is even being used, highlighting how far it’s come in such a short time. With technology constantly changing, a Luke series could be the next show in the ever-expanding series. mandalorian universe.

If Luke were to get his own series, the story would become the main point in question. In Legends, the now non-canon story set is home to many characters still revered by some in the star wars fandom, Luke has had nearly endless adventures around the galaxy. He rebooted the Jedi Order and married Mara Jade, one of those popular Legends characters among star wars fans to this day. Luke even fell to the dark side, a controversial turn given some fans’ reaction to the character’s initial disdain for the Jedi in the Sequel Trilogy, before being redeemed in a way much like his father.

In fact, while on the dark side, Luke even became Emperor Palpatine’s apprentice, who returned from the dead using clone bodies (a plot point adapted later in the game). The Rise of Skywalker). There was also the Yuuzahn Vong Invasion, in which a group of villainous aliens from the Unknown Regions, reminiscent of other sci-fi franchises like star trekrule the New Republic and start a war, with Luke once again at the center of the conflict. star wars began to introduce elements of legends into the canon, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, so it’s possible that Favreau and Filoni were referring to older, now decanonized stories for inspiration.

The most likely story for a potential Luke-centric show could be the beginnings of his Jedi Academy. As mentioned, there is precedent in Legends for this storyline, and fans know from The Last Jedi that Luke had a small Jedi order before Snoke’s interference with Ben Solo abruptly put an end to it. Luke’s Padawans were slain and the Jedi Knight retired in shame. The Rise of Kylo Rena comic book series that detailed the fall of Han and Leia’s son to the dark side, deepened this aspect of the story by revealing that Ben Solo was not actually responsible for the death of the padawans and the burning down of the temple. .

Either way, a Luke series could give fans a glimpse into the beginnings of a series of monumental events in the character’s life, and possibly with famous co-stars as well. Grogu would almost certainly appear, but there’s room for even more. A young Ben Solo is around at the moment, so the series could shed some light on his early training as a Jedi. In canon, Luke often communicated with Force ghosts after the original trilogy, including his own father. With Hayden Christensen confirmed to reprise his beloved role as the Force ghost in the Ahsoka series, an appearance by Anakin on a potential Luke show doesn’t seem entirely out of the question.

Force ghosts of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan in Return of the Jedi

Boba Fett’s BookThe latest episode of Grogu gave the choice to go back with Din Djarin or stay with Luke and become a Jedi. If he does choose the path of a Jedi Padawan, Grogu would be Luke’s first apprentice, making him the most obvious path for a potential show. It would give Disney the ability to keep two of their most marketable and beloved characters at the forefront of the Star Wars brand, and leave plenty of room for cameos, guest appearances, and interconnectivity between shows on which they are fixed.

More broadly, the Sequel Trilogy explored the original trio of Luke, Han, and Leia at a later age, with only the latter still active in the Rebellion, creating new characters at the center rather than the original trio. Accompanied by his old friend Chewbacca, Han had resumed smuggling, and Luke went into exile on Ahch-To. In a way, the final trilogy of the Skywalker saga served as a response not just to the original films, but also to the aftermath of the events in between. Return of the Jedi and the force awakens also. With some pivotal events appearing largely off-screen, a Luke series could fill in the gaps between the films and bolster the overall narrative of the sequels, much like The Clone Wars arguably vastly improved the prequels. Not only is there potential for the story to go in that direction, but it looks like The Mandalorian and its related shows already dive deep into star wars lore to create a story that combines elements from all three Skywalker Saga trilogies.

If they were to show the aftermath of the destruction of Luke’s academy, then the series could answer the question that has been bothering fans for ever. The Mandalorian finale: Was Grogu still a student of Luke when this happened and, if so, did he make it out alive? It would take a time jump or story progression to get to this point in the timeline, but it’s certainly plausible, especially given the popularity of these star wars The series continues to reach new levels, making it unlikely that this Mandalorian mini-universe will end anytime soon.

With so many characters getting their own series, and Luke Skywalker still holding so much importance to the story, perhaps now is the time for the Jedi Knight to get his own Disney+ series.

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