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Danville City Council is expected to vote on a resolution on Tuesday that would update the city’s downtown master plan, with nearly all of the measures from the original 1986 plan having already been implemented.

“The goal of this update to the DMP…is to build on the strong framework of Downtown Charm with an updated set of implementation strategies that adapt its physical spaces to meet the changing needs of community caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic,” director of economic development Jill Bergman said in a staff report.

“Specifically, it seeks to reimagine how these spaces can be enhanced to provide greater connection, interaction, and engagement. The initial phase of this effort focuses on the historic core of the ‘Old City,'” she said. for follow-up.

The proposed update is priced at approximately $2.5 million, which has already been reserved through Danville’s capital improvement program, with $1 million coming from the general fund and $1.5 million dollars from local American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) fiscal stimulus funds.

“As with the original DMP, implementing these project concepts is expected to take more than a decade and millions of dollars of infrastructure investment,” Bergman said.

“Fortunately, the city council has allocated local fiscal stimulus funds received through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and additional dollars from the general fund to advance selected project concepts. To use ARPA funds , the selected project(s) must be sufficiently limited in scope (in time and cost) to be designed and completed no later than 2026,” she added.

Council members reviewed and discussed a number of projects proposed as part of the update at a meeting on May 22.

They voted not to proceed with a proposal to convert Prospect Avenue to a one-way street, but approved other projects and their associated implementation strategies. During a study session on June 14, council asked staff to pursue a project to update the plaza and commons surrounding the village theatre, following an analysis of project concepts to be prioritized.

“This project was chosen because it would distribute the improvements over the whole

length of the project area, provide an expanded public gathering space/plaza, provide

opportunities to introduce specialist art lighting at key intersections to improve the

pedestrian environment and address road safety issues associated with increased

vehicle speeds in the city center,” Bergman said. “Most importantly, the project can be designed and built within the ARPA timeline.

The initial phase of the updated DMP is expected to focus on Danville’s downtown historic neighborhoods. In addition to the Village Theater upgrades, ARPA funding is recommended for the upgrade and installation of specialty lighting at five intersections along Hartz Avenue, Diablo Road, Prospect Avenue, and Linda Avenue. Mesa and Church and School streets.

Other projects proposed under the DMP update include a sidewalk expansion on Hartz Avenue, improvements to the Town Green, an extension of the Creek Trail and an expansion on Prospect Avenue to accommodate gatherings. public spaces and increase pedestrian traffic.

Danville City Council will meet Tuesday (August 16) at 5 p.m. The agenda is available here.

In other cases

* The board will hold a study session Tuesday at 8:45 a.m., during which it will hear presentations on the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s on-demand mobility program and plans for the upcoming awards ceremony mayor’s facility and community. The agenda is available here.

* Council will hear and discuss a presentation on frameworks and standards for outdoor dining facilities.

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