Do you remember laughing? These 10 live shows will get you used to it

The Laugh Outta Lockdown festival spans dozens of shows in November and December, spanning the gamut from established stars doing encore performances from exquisite works to newcomers and seasoned comics testing new material. Here are our selections:

Nina Oyama: Do “do me now”
Perhaps 26-year-old Nina Oyama has the perfect character for a stand-up comedian: the smart, sympathetic person with a self-destructive side and a penchant for landing in excruciating situations. A writing prodigy (she got her first television writing contract at just 19), she is also a mischievous and mischievous performer.

His latest show is a vibrant hour with a career nadir clad in a possum costume for a TV show, harangued by an obnoxious shock jock, an altercation with an underwear fetishist, and other misadventures. It’s a triumph, not so much a festival as a lap of honor.
November 26, Comedy Store, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

Ben Kochan’s style is accessible and airy.

Concetta Carristo and Ben Kochan: Funny like sin
Fresh appearances on Question everything and Australia: from time to time, the secret could be revealed about the cheeky and charismatic Carristo. The potty charmer is a delight on stage and apparently unable to say anything not funny. Her work often includes stories of living with her boyfriend Ben Kochan, who joins her in this show.

Having supported stars like Wil Anderson and Tom Gleeson, Kochan’s style is approachable and airy. There is often a strong element of self-mockery in his silly stories; a memorable previous track saw him worry about the apparent narrowness of his head.
November 18-20, Factory Theater, Marrickville

Daniel Muggleton: Oh, plus Mr. White Guy?
The comic in the red tracksuit is perhaps one of the most assiduous stand-ups in town. Indeed, even a pandemic could not prevent it from spitting comic fire; he just transferred the comedy night he hosted to Zoom and kept the smart, cynical takes coming. Casting a skeptical eye at masculinity, national identity, and everyday annoyances, Muggleton’s material is topical, punchy, and always hilarious.
December 16, Comedy Store, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

Wow, Alyssa! 3
Posing as a ‘queer show for normies’, real-life partners Filip Lescaut and Colwyn Buckland have carved out a niche for themselves with their fully sung and fully danced sketch comedy. Mark Bonnano (of the Conquering Sketch Troupe Aunty Donna) directed the third installment of their low-budget but high-energy extravagance. He takes an energetic and good-natured look at sex culture, reality TV tropes, and gay terminology, and even imagines the possible return of early 2000s semi-forgotten dance-pop group Madison Avenue. A good time guaranteed.
December 16-18, Factory Theater, Marrickville

Lauren Bonner's work is full of humor and honesty.

Lauren Bonner’s work is full of humor and honesty.

Lauren Bonner: What do you think about it?
Even reading notes on his phone during his show at the Sydney Comedy Festival, Bonner’s wit and creativity shone; asking aloud if psychologists should approach their jobs more like mechanics was one of the most memorable moments of the festival season.

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