Edmonton Girl, 10, Launches New Cooking Show at Garneau Theater


Edmonton is the site of a new cooking show, with a host who is still in elementary school.

“Cooking with Kyssara” will be broadcast on Telus Optik TV and a special screening took place Monday evening at the Garneau Theater.

“It’s about teaching kids at a young age how to cook because a lot of kids need to learn these skills for when they’re older,” 10-year-old host Kyssara Mueller told CTV news Edmonton.

The grade 5 student and her mother Anne started watching cooking shows together.

When the pandemic hit, they started filming their cooking sessions on a cell phone.

Then the couple decided to take it to the next level and they got some help from Telus Storyhive.

“I hired a cinematographer and we worked together and discussed a vision for the show, and we rented a house and did all the cooking there for a few weeks,” said Anne Mueller.

Kyssara chose the recipes and she included inspiration from her German and Vietnamese ancestors.

She also accepted submissions that other children sent.

“Since I was young my mom loved to cook, so I always cooked with her because it was always a lot of fun and enjoyable to do with her.”

“My favorite thing that I have cooked on the show is s’mores bake. It’s like an s’mores cake in a way,” she said.

Kyssara plans to continue cooking, but she also enjoys taking care of animals, so she might not become a professional chef.

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