FBI probe could help prosecute Louisiana priests accused of interstate sex abuse

Peter G. Strasser, a former US attorney in New Orleans, declined to press charges. He told The Associated Press he ‘naively’ thought federal charges might be possible, but faced many hurdles, including the complexity of ‘trying the church’ on conspiracy and other charges. .

“The problem has always been figuring out what the federal crime is,” he said.

Revelations of the extent of clergy sexual abuse began in 2002, causing much outrage and suffering, but also efforts to strengthen victim support, child protection programs, reporting methods abuse and disciplinary action against abusive clergy and their superiors.

The U.S. Bishops’ Annual Report of Findings and Recommendations on the Implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth, released in November 2021, indicates that there have been fewer than 24 new allegations of recent abuse by clergy.

However, more than 4,200 new historical abuse allegations were reported during the report’s one-year coverage period.

Statistical charts of reported abuse incident dates continue to show that the number of alleged clergy abuse incidents peaked in the 1970s. hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 2021, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law creating a three-year “look-back” window for survivors of child sexual abuse to sue their alleged abuser, even when the statute of limitations would normally prevent such lawsuits.

At the time, the victim’s 28th birthday was the deadline for child sex abuse prosecutions

The archdiocese told CNA in October 2020 that it had sought to remove clerical state priests who had been removed from their positions on child sexual abuse charges, following the 2018 report. under canon law, dioceses are required to provide for the needs of priests removed from ministry, such as housing and health care. They are not required to support priests who have been dismissed from the clerical state.

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