Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade calls on Trump to quit Twitter

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade suggested Thursday that President Donald Trump ditch Twitter altogether.

Trump’s tweets are increasingly labeled as “misleading” and see their engagement curtailed by the platform as he continues to tweet inaccurate election claims to his 88 million followers.

“Why are you dating a big tech company like this when they continue to disrespect you?” The president should start. If the president takes his supporters and goes elsewhere, this will be a “storm of tweets,” Kilmeade said.

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After it was pointed out that Twitter and Facebook have a monopoly – more money and more users than competing platforms – Kilmeade replied, “MySpace was that big, at one point.”

Ainsley Earhardt, co-host of Kilmeade’s “Fox & Friends,” noted that some social media users have migrated to Speak. This platform focuses on free speech and saw a number of prominent conservatives migrate this spring, but by July its momentum had seriously slowed, as TheWrap reported.

Although the president’s use of Twitter is infamous, the platform has been more proactive in labeling its tweets as misinformation in recent months.

The company called two Trump tweets on Wednesday “misleading about an election” and followed up with another tag on Thursday. These tags come after a tweet made by Trump on election night was similarly flagged.

Brian Kilmeade Encourages President Trump To Ditch Twitter And Take His Followers With Him

– Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) November 5, 2020

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