Fulton Theater Honors Song, Dance and Community in ‘Together We Celebrate’ Concert | Entertainment

Fulton Theater staff thought when they realized COVID-19 restrictions on indoor events would be lifted before the venue’s scheduled fall season resumes.

Fulton executive artistic producer Mark Robin recalls that after being forced to shut down for 15 months due to a pandemic, he realized, “Well, you can actually come back sooner.” ..

“Now let’s have fun and celebrate, and celebrate something big and like your face: singing and dancing,” Robin says. “We thought we would bring together 10 of the best singers and dancers and 8 musicians to do something to bring the music, laughter, joy and dance back into the room. “

The result is “Together we celebrate”. It is a Broadway song and dance show that will be presented to Fulton for a month starting Tuesday.

Robin, who oversees the show, and Alex Hayden Miller, who appears and choreographs the show, promise more than a “stand up and sing” event.

“It’s a huge dance performance,” says Robin.

“The 10 people at this concert are not only great, but also versatile,” Miller adds.

Alex Hayden Miller, performer and choreographer of Fulton Theater’s upcoming “Together We Celebrate” concert, will perform and rehearse.

Robin says that by doing the show, he and Miller wanted to create something for audiences to “smile, smile, smile, listen to music and be happy to be back” in the theater.

Robin states that the show will take place in about an hour and fifteenth act without a break. There are no concessions, and up to 450 of Fulton’s 680 seats will be sold at a special performance.

“We always try to respect COVID,” say people who might find it uncomfortable to return to a crowded theater. A mask is recommended for those who have not been vaccinated.


“The show is actually divided into three sections,” says Robin.

The first is the opening numbers of “A Chorus Line”, “Another Op’nin”, “Another Show” (from “Kiss Me Kate”), “Willkommen” to “Willkommen”, and many other numbers from famous opening. The “Cabaret” montage says Robin.

“The middle section is a celebration of musical theater,” he says. “Songs like ‘Show Off’ on ‘The Drowsy Chaperon’, ‘As If We Never Goodbye’ on ‘Sunset Boulevard’, and ‘Jericle Ball’ on ‘Cats’.

“And the final section celebrates the soul and spirit of our diverse community. That’s really the whole empowerment section, ”says Robin. “It’s a very hymn.”

Songs include “Seize the Day” from “Newsies”, “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from “Funny Girl”, “I’m Here” from “The Color Purple” and “You Can’t Stop the Beat” . It will be. “Hair spray”.

Major renovation of the nearly 170-year-old Fulton Theater into a one-block performing arts center will not open to the “Together We Celebrate” public. The big announcement will be made at a special event at the end of August, with the musical “Fun Home”, the opening round of Fulton’s 2021-22 season, in early September.

EL Fulton Concert Tyler Johnson-Campion, Janayé McAlpine.jpg

Tyler Johnson-Campion and Janaye McAlpine will rehearse the “Together We Celebrate” concert at the Fulton Theater next week.

Emotional return

In addition to Miller at Fulton’s 2019 show, Mamma Mia! – And when he helped the director put together the numbers for 42nd Street 2018, he drew Robin’s attention as a choreographer – to the cast. Mainly features Fulton veterans: Kelly Lisbolic, Daniela Dali, Randy Jetter, Tyler Johnson-Camp, Janai Emma Calpain, Mateo Melendez, Michael Negro, Sarak In Taylor. Many have credits for major regional theaters, Broadway and / or national tours on their resumes.

Leslie Jackson, who has appeared in “Carousel” and “Ragtime”, will perform for the first time here.

“Some of us haven’t been on stage for 15 months,” says Robin. “There were so many emotional moments during the first day and a half of rehearsal. A crying person.

Robin says that Dali, who returned to Fulton for the first time since “Miss Saigon” in 2012, performed the opening number of the “Welcome to the Theater” concert of the musical “Applause” in front of the rest of the cast.

EL Fulton Concert Leslie Jackson.jpg

Leslie Jackson will rehearse for her Fulton Theater debut at the “Together We Celebrate” concert, which opens next week.

“Literally the room was a noisy mess,” he says. “When a lot of us haven’t had the opportunity to participate in what we take for granted, it’s a very victorious moment in the room. Make it clear that you should never take it for granted. I go. “

Robin, who usually choreographs Fulton musicals, says he’s happy that Miller represents “a whole new generation of dance” at this concert.

“As you know, I’m an old school,” Robin says. “I am Gene Kelly, Bob Fosse and Fred Astaire.”

“When it comes to that kind of choreography, I think it brings a few different perspectives to the table,” says Miller. “And at a gig where it doesn’t have to be something (specific), we could do exactly what it was for that gig, for that rehearsal of every song that I was hoping for.

“Because we know the people we’re in, we can adapt to what they do best,” Miller adds. “It’s something that nobody expects and I think it’s really exciting.”

“We celebrate the resurrection of music, the resurrection of dance, and the resurrection of our community,” says Robin. “I think people will be surprised.”

Fulton Theater Celebrates Song, Dance and Community in ‘Together We Celebrate’ Concert | Entertainment

Fulton Theater Honors Song, Dance and Community in ‘Together We Celebrate’ Concert | Entertainment

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