Fuse brings additional explosions and mayhem to Apex Legends

The fuse is coming Apex Legends, and Respawn Entertainment revealed its Ability Kit in a brand new trailer. Specializing in demolitions, Walter “Fuze” Fitzroy brings explosions and joy (though to some those two words are synonymous) to the Apex Arena next week when Season 8: Mayhem kicks off.

What abilities does Fuse have?

Fuse’s passive ability is Grenadier, which allows his mechanical arm to launch ammo faster, further, and more accurately. On top of that, it can also contain one additional grenade per inventory slot. What if you want to throw in more? Then his Knuckle Cluster ability will come in handy. This will launch a cluster bomb that will detonate into smaller concussion grenades, which is sure to cause chaos and easy choices for Fuse.

Her ultimate ability, The Motherlode, sees Fuse fire a large rocket into the sky at a chosen location and rain fire in a circular pattern, creating a large wall of flames to trap players inside and out. It’s on a two minute cooldown, which is about average compared to other Legends.

As for her personality, well, her official entry into her character says it all:

Man of women, man of men and manly man on every level, Fuse is a man of demolition on his own… and he knows it. Fuse exudes joy; he’s a laid-back explosives enthusiast who is almost covered in things that make BOOM. Fuse doesn’t lack confidence, but he often lacks a plan. He’s a guy who blows up first and asks questions later, who’s always looking for a good track.

For more on the history of Fuse, check out the Fuse character page, and don’t forget the official short film That is.

Despite the precedent controversy scam character, the fuse arrives Apex Legends when Season 8 starts February 2. The new season will bring a bunch of drastic new updates to Apex Legends, like new character skins, weapon skins, and even a brand new weapon with the 30-30 repeater. It also changes the map of King’s Canyon, which has apparently been left in ruins.

Check out the Fuse intro trailer below, and get ready to smash your opponents to smithereens on Tuesday.

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