G Jones puts on a memorable show at 1015 Folsom

Photo credit: Eric Ananmalay

G Jones and his supporting roles put on a standout event and treated fans right at San Francisco’s iconic nightclub, 1015 Folsom Nightclub.

San Francisco is one of the most popular and innovative cities in the dance music scene. It is home to many artists, underground experiences and amazing nightclubs with 1015 Folsom being one of the most renowned for hosting events. With fans desperately awaiting his return to the Bay Area, DJ and producer G Jones made his return to the venue on Friday, September 10 – and it goes without saying that his return brought a sweet reunion among the local bass scene.

With three stages offering multiple DJ setups, a stacked audio system, and an upgraded stage with a full-length LED screen for the best viewing experience, it was no surprise to me that this event sold out. Especially given the appeal of G Jones’ notable A / V combination experience tied to the club’s aesthetic.

It was evident that during the lockdown, 1015 Folsom upgraded their entire space and prepared to make the experience even more enjoyable. There was a bit of uneasiness knowing it would be a full house. However, their mandatory mask mandate and proof of vaccination gave me some confidence that we would all party safely amid COVID protocols.

Photo credit: Sarah Woolley

The evening opens with a mix of rising Californian stars from the bass scene, including KOWTA and Elisuh.

The openers featured their own signature style, all linked to the basis of bass music. With the scene being very popular in San Francisco, the crowd received each performer with amazing approval and provided overwhelmingly positive feedback during each of their sets. You could not only tell people were enjoying live music again, but hungry for bass in their faces.

Starting bright and early at 10pm was the South Lake Tahoe local KOWTA. I’ve seen him a couple of times in several Bay Area shows and was quite happy to see him as the opener because his sets are always a lot of fun. His trap-inspired tune transitions with a flair of West Coast bass-inspired mixdowns, and an occasional drum and bass tune energized the crowd. Although its sound contrasts slightly with the more experimental side of G Jones, it was truly refreshing, providing an upbeat start to the evening.

The next step was personally my favorite act, Elisuh. His effortless blends of IDM classics with more recent and booming tracks have been well received by the crowd. His ensemble had the most diverse range of subgenres that showed his taste-making abilities well. The flow of heavy dance tunes to the more experimental and production-oriented pieces turned out to be a nice transition to what the rest of the night had prepared. After his set, I made sure to keep Elisuh on my radar for new releases, so be sure to grab one of his sets if you’re on the West Coast!

Direct support for G Jones was Los AngelesIDM last name based on Tsuruda.

One of the hottest names in bass music right now, it was nothing less than a full banger after banger heavy setlist. Continuing the theme, Tsuruda is best known for its IDM or hip-hop style flow with an experimental touch. Hiding behind his hair, he spun a mix of sweet but punchy tracks, including new releases from his new EP. Migi. With my seat in front and in the center of the balcony facing the stage, I was able to get a good glimpse of the crowd who vibrated strongly on their set all the time.

The second floor bar room featured another group of local DJs spinning a wide variety of different subgenres, from heartbreaking style tunes breaking the system to deep dubby ganjastep. It was the perfect place for flow artists with more dancing space and an alternative style of music from the main acts. Although I didn’t spend much time in this venue, I was very impressed with the talent of the DJs featured – and loved seeing how much fun the crowd was having in this more intimate setting.

Photo credit: Sarah Woolley

With the club beaming with energy and morale high, G Jones met a raving crowd when he graced the stage, paired with his black and white visuals.

I’ve always admired the way G Jones puts on such a show for his fans, especially those who are interested in the production itself. There was a good balance of classic hits like “In the head“,” That Look In Your Eye “and the mesmerizing (and personal favorite) melody,”Time. On top of that, other cult favorites, including releases from his latest album Tangential zones such as “Immortal light, ”And a splash of melodies off the Acid disc PE.

The visuals were fantastic, hinting at every musical era of G Jones and every album art that all blended in cohesively with every track. At one point, it was almost overwhelming to watch, because it was so mind-blowing to process what I was seeing! Overall, the set brought such unparalleled energy to myself and the crowd that everyone in attendance was sent to a place beyond reality, for only a brief hour and a half.

It’s often rare that I ever get this scary feeling while watching a set, but G Jones’ performance was so unique and impressive that it made sense that I was in absolute trance the whole time. Between the visuals and the sound, the energy of the crowd, the technical details in each mix, and the overall talent throughout the night, I felt feelings that I thought I’d lost in the absence of concerts. I’m excited about Greg’s future plans as well as all the openers involved, and you’ll definitely see me supporting 1015 Folsom for any bass show!

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