Hear the cast of “Trouble in Mind” as a landmark play makes its Broadway debut

TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan – It’s been long overdue, but a Broadway show is finally coming to fruition after six decades.

“Trouble In Mind” tells the story of a historic play about racism and it will finally be told at the American Airlines Theater on W. 42nd Street this fall and winter.

Award-winning actress LaChanze stars as Wiletta Mayer.

“It’s exciting,” LaChanze said. “Here we are, back to Broadway!” “

The play was originally written by Alice Childress and it took over 60 years for this work to gain recognition on Broadway. The roundabout theater succeeds.

“Trouble in mind” is a play within a play and the company says it takes a “moving look at racism, identity and ego in the world of New York theater.”

“I’ve never said words like that on Broadway in my career,” LaChanze said. “I never said that honestly.”

The drama follows a black actress, Wiletta Mayer, through rehearsals for a Broadway anti-lynching fictional production called “Chaos in Belleville”.

LaChanze says she has never had the opportunity to play such a great woman as Wiletta Mayor, telling the truth about an experience a black woman has had and is going through.

“It’s so wonderful to utter the words of a black woman in a black production as a black actress in a role like this,” added LaChanze.

She was never directed by a black director in her entire career as a lead actress on Broadway.

Director Charles Randolph-Wright says it took him 15 years to put this show on the road, but he was a fan of the playwright long before that.

“I first read this play in college and since then I’ve been obsessed with Alice Childress,” Randolph-Wright said.

He also says it’s the role of a lifetime for LaChanze.

“Trouble in Mind” premieres begin October 29th and opening night is November 18th.

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