In-person learning led to better reading test scores in Grade 3

The Florida Department of Education says high rates of face-to-face instruction in school districts correlate with better scores on third-grade reading assessments. At the same time, data shows that most districts this year performed lower than those recorded before the pandemic disrupted education plans across the state.

The DOE has published district results for all districts for the year. The district compared the results of the Florida standards assessments for the 2019 and 2021 school years; no FSA testing was performed in 2020 due to the pandemic.

“With 68% of students on campuses full-time and 80% on-campus full or part-time, I am grateful to report that 97% of grade 3 students took the tests in person in the spring of 2021,” said said the education commissioner. Richard corcoran. “In addition, preliminary results show that between 92% and 94% of students took the Florida state tests (ELA Writing, ELA Reading, Mathematics, and final exams).”

After Sending in progress all schools in distance learning at the end of the 2019-2020 school year at the start of the pandemic, heads of state obligatory all districts this school year to make in-person learning available five days a week.

“On June 11, 2020, Commissioner Corcoran and I stood with our school district superintendents and declared that our schools will be open,” the governor said. Ron DeSantis. “Throughout the year, we continued to work with districts to bring struggling students to campus full time to stop the loss of learning and the possibility of widening the achievement gaps. With overwhelming data to support our decisions, we have stood firm for our students, their families and their teachers. Now we can safely say that this generation of Florida K-12 students is better positioned than any other state in the country to be successful.

The result? Only four districts in the state (Jackson, Madison, Sumter and Lafayette) recorded an improvement in the percentage of third-graders testing at or above their reading level. But all had 89% or more of students who chose in-person learning this year.

Jackson County saw a 4% improvement in scores, from a 58% pass rate in 2019 to a 62% pass rate in 2021. About 97% of students chose in-person learning this year in this district, and only 1% chose an innovative distance learning environment; 2% were enrolled in a traditional virtual school model.

Meanwhile, the biggest drop in success rates has occurred in Glades County. Only 38% of the 3rd the reading skills of the pupils were tested at the school level, a decrease of 24% of the performances compared to 2019. In this district, 64% of the pupils chose the teaching during learning and 35% chose a teaching innovative.

Hendry County reported the lowest percentage of in-person learning of any Florida County school district, with just 52% of students in classrooms. Success rates have dropped from 47% in 2019 to 37% this year, a drop of 10 percentage points.

The UF Lab School and the FAMU Lab School, which operate outside any school district, had 100% of the students this year on an innovative teaching model. FAMU Lab School pass rates fell from 50% to 35%, a decrease of 15 percentage points, while UF Lab School’s pass rate fell from 85% to 64%, a decrease of 15 percentage points. decrease of 21 percentage points. Meanwhile, the FAU Lab School had 52% of students learning in person while 48% used an innovative model, and pass rates on FSA’s third-year reading tests held steady at 77%.

Corcoran said the results show the success of promoting in-person learning throughout the year.

“I am very grateful for the support from Governor DeSantis and District Superintendents like Pinellas County Mike Grego in crafting the supports and flexibilities necessary to ensure that Florida can lead the nation in in-person education and ensure that we assess the progress of so many of our students, ”said Corcoran.

“Bringing our students to campus and ultimately informing those students, their parents, and their teachers about their academic progress puts Florida families and teachers in the driver’s seat in making decisions in the best interests of growing their families. children. “

At the same time, the correlation between in-person learning and FSA success rates has not been shown to be consistent.

Union County, the only district in Florida to report that 100% of students used in-person instruction for the school year, saw a 6 percentage point drop in pass rates, from 69% in 2019 to 93 % in 2021. There were four school districts (Franklin, Hamilton, Holmes and Monroe) where more than 95% of students enrolled in in-person learning, but the drop in pass rates exceeded 10 percentage points .

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